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Horseback Riding

Richard Bong State Recreation Area

Richard Bong State Recreation Area has 13 miles of horse trails. Richard Bong State Recreation Area and nearby stables do not rent horses, so you must bring your horse to the property.

Horse trails are open most times of the year, however, trails are closed during the spring thaw season and after rainstorms when the trails are wet. For horse trail conditions, call the trail information line at 262-878-5600.  

The main horse trail circles the property south of Hwy. 142. A rest stop with a mounting platform is located south of Sunrise Campground.

Horses are allowed on the main entrance road, SUZ road and the service road north of Hwy. 142. There is not a horse trailer parking lot north of Hwy. 142.

Richard Bong State Recreation Area Horse Trails map [PDF]

Areas Closed to Horses

Horses are not allowed on any other paved roadways, within campgrounds, at the beach or picnic areas, on the runway, or hiking, biking or ATV trails.

A vault toilet and hitching post to tie up horses are available for riders next to Site D in the Sunrise Campground. Horses are not allowed in campsites or along campground roads.

Horse Trailer Parking Lots

Horse Trailer Parking is available in parking lots B, E and J only.

  • Lot B: Riders may park here to access the main horse trail loop.
  • Lot E: Riders may park here and connect to the main horse trail loop or the SUZ road. Horses are not allowed on the ATV trails.
  • Lot J: Riders may park here and use the SUZ road or connect to the west end of the main horse trail loop.

State Trail Passes

All horse riders ages 16 and older are required to purchase and carry a valid state trail pass while using the horse trails. Passes may be purchased at the Visitor Center when open or from a self-registration station. All horse trailers or trucks will need a state park vehicle admission sticker.

Responsible Riding

Riders are responsible for keeping horses under control at all times and may not ride in a careless, negligent or reckless manner. Please ride responsibly not to degrade the trails. Riders are responsible for the proper removal of waste produced by their horses.