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Observation Tower

Potawatomi State Park

Potawatomi Observation Tower Closed Until Further Notice:
The observation tower at Potawatomi State Park is closed due to significant wood decay. The DNR continues to consider the future of the tower and is committed to finding a path forward.

Potawatomi Tower Concept Report

Potawatomi Tower

In early January 2023, the engineering firm GRAEF completed a concept report and cost analysis for the Observation Tower at Potawatomi State Park. The report identifies concept plan options for (1) the restoration of the existing tower at the park and (2) the replacement of the existing tower with a new tower. The DNR will use the report and public feedback to formulate a recommendation for moving forward.

Public Comments

During the public information period, 488 individuals responded to the survey. The results of that survey are as follows.
Responses to the question regarding the preference for repair or restoration of the tower versus new construction:
•         257 respondents (52.66%) favored repair or restoration of the tower
•         231 respondents (47.34%) favored the new construction of a tower
Responses to the question regarding the preference for a helical ramp or linear ramp:
•         341 respondents (69.88%) favored a helical ramp
•         147 (30.12%) favored a linear ramp
This information has been provided to the office of Governor Evers for his consideration.