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Point Beach State Forest


Weather forecast [exit DNR]


All hiking and biking trails are open. High lake levels are affecting some of the hiking trails. Contact the office at 920-794-7480 for up to date conditions.


All campgrounds are open for the season. 

Firewood is available for sale anytime the office is open and costs $6 per bundle or three bundles for $15. 


Keep an eye out for pelicans that have been frequenting our area of Lake Michigan. 

For beach conditions, please see the Beach conditions website [exit DNR].

For water temperature conditions, please refer to the Lake Michigan Coast Watch website [exit DNR].


Concessions are open for the season.

2021 Campground Project

Campsites 75-120 will be closed from Sept. 20, 2021 through Oct. 31, 2021 due to planned maintenance of water lines and roadways in the campground.