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Perrot State Park

The park has 12.5 miles of hiking trails. Many of the trails take you up to the top of the bluffs and give you a unique opportunity to enjoy scenic views of the Mississippi River valley.

The bluff trails have steep climbs and some have steps or stairways. For a closer view of the river and Trempealeau Bay, hike the Riverview trail, which travels the entire length of the park.

Black Walnut nature trail (0.5 miles)

This trail is a self-guided interpretive trail loop with 20 interpretive stops. Guides are available at the trailhead. Find out how Native Americans lived in this area. The trail is relatively flat and is covered with wood chips.

Brady’s Bluff trail - east (0.7 miles)

Start your hike from the Mounds parking lot near the park headquarters. You will be passing through the Brady’s Bluff State Natural Area. Brady's Bluff Prairie is a dry bluff prairie on a steep, southwest-facing Mississippi River bluff that rises nearly 460 feet above the river. The bluff, composed of sandstone capped with Prairie du Chien dolomite, affords a spectacular view of the river valley from its summit. The prairie contains over 100 species of native Wisconsin plants and many species of the Great Plains that are at or near their northeastern limit here. Several rare animals are also harbored by the natural area, including butterflies and the state-threatened wing snaggletooth land snail. The trail is narrow and steep and you will encounter some steps.

Brady’s Bluff trail - north (1.0 mile)

Hike from the park shop to the top of the bluff.

Brady’s Bluff trail - west (0.5 miles)

Start your hike at Brady’s parking lot above the boat landing.  As you travel along this winding trail up to the goat prairie at the top of the bluff, look for the rock steps and walls that were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the mid-1930s. The wooden stairway was constructed in 1995 by the Wisconsin Conservation Corps.  As you take each step, imagine carrying up the materials and tools to build these stairs. As you approach the top of the bluff to enjoy the views of Trempealeau Mountain and Trempealeau Bay, you will encounter a shelter building also constructed by the CCC. Take a break in the shade of the shelter and maybe a turkey vulture or eagle will soar by. The trail is narrow and steep and you will encounter steps and a stairway.

Great River State Trail

Perrot State Park is adjacent to the 24-mile Great River State Trail, where you can bicycle or snowmobile as well as hike and snowshoe.

Nature Center Prairie Trail (.10 miles)

Short loop through the prairie, with a crushed limestone surface.

Perrot Ridge trail (1.5 miles)

Start your hike at the Mounds parking lot near the park headquarters. Meander through the lower prairie, climb stairs up to the top of the ridge and enjoy views of the river, Trempealeau Bay and the surrounding farmlands. Travel along a narrow trail at the top of the bluff and head back down past the Perrot historical marker where you can learn about Nicholas Perrot, who traveled and camped in this area in 1685. The trail is steep and you will encounter some stairs.

Riverview trail (2.5 miles)

Walk along the water’s edge with close-up views of the Mississippi and Trempealeau rivers. This trail goes from the campground to the east entrance with access to the trail at any of the parking lots. The trail is relatively flat, with some steps, but no steep climbs.