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Pattison State Park

Downstream End View from Trail.JPG

Pattison State Park has over 7 miles of trails. The Black River begins its winding journey about 22 miles southwest of the park at Black Lake on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border. As it passes through Pattison State Park, it drops 31 feet over Little Manitou Falls, forms Interfalls Lake, and then reaches the spectacular Big Manitou Falls. Hike the trails along the Black River for spectacular views of the falls.

The watchable wildlife in the park includes almost 200 species of birds, 54 species of mammals and many reptiles and amphibians.

Hiking trails

Big Manitou Falls overlooks

A pedestrian tunnel takes you from the park's main picnic area under Highway 35 to short trails that give you many views of Big Manitou Falls from both sides of the river. This trail is 0.5 miles long. A self-guiding booklet is available to help you discover more about the geology and history of the falls as you hike. Big Manitou Geology Walk

Big Manitou Falls River Trail

This moderately steep wooded trail leads 0.5 miles downhill to the Black River, 0.25 miles downstream of Big Manitou Falls. At the river, the adjacent cliffs give a pronounced view of the Douglas Fault.

Beaver Trail

This 2-mile trail circles Interfalls Lake. Discover the plants and animals that thrive in the boreal (northern) forest.

Little Manitou Falls Trail

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This trail continues from Beaver Trail south along the Black River.