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Nonmotorized Recreation and Transportation Trails Council

On June 1, 2010, Wisconsin Act 394 [exit DNR] created state statutes 15.347 (20) and 23.177 [exit DNR] to form a Nonmotorized Recreation and Transportation Trails Council (NRTTC). The council carries out studies and provides advice and consultation to the legislature, governor, Department of Natural Resources and Department of Transportation on all matters related to nonmotorized recreation and transportation trails, including trail planning, acquisition, development, maintenance and management.

Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024
  • Wednesday, April 17, 2024
  • Wednesday, July 17, 2024
  • Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2024
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Meeting minutes, members and more information

See below for meeting minutes, council members and more information about the NRTTC.

Council members

Following is a list of current appointees and who they represent. All appointees serve at the pleasure of the governor.

Member positions Filled by
Nature-based activities Mike Hardy
Long-distance hiking/backpacking Rod Bartlow (Chair)
Long-distance bicycle touring and rail trails Steve Clark
County forests and parks  William Johnson
Equestrians Anne Murphy
Tourism Kirsten Finn
Nonmotorized trail user William Pennoyer
Bird watching/nature study/hunting/fishing David Phillips
Nonmotorized snow sports Ben Popp
Bicycling industry Geoffrey Snudden
Trail facility planner Blake Theisen (Vice-chair)

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation attend NRTTC meetings as state agency representatives.

Appointments to the Council

To apply for an appointment to the council, one must fill out an application with the Wisconsin Governor’s Office:

The governor appoints members to the council who participate in nonmotorized trail activities, who participate in organizations that own or maintain nonmotorized trails or organizations that promote nonmotorized trail activities. Members represent as many as possible of the following groups, represent people who engage in other nonmotorized trail activities or have other interests related to nonmotorized trail uses.

  • People who engage in activities on water trails.
  • Pedestrians.
  • People who engage in horseback riding and buggy driving.
  • People who engage in long−distance hiking.
  • People who engage in nature−based activities, such as bird watching, nature study, hunting and fishing.
  • People who engage in snow sports.
  • People who engage in bicycling of all forms, including trail riding, mountain biking, commuting and long−distance bicycling.
  • People who represent local forests or parks.
  • People with physical disabilities who engage in nonmotorized trail activities.
  • People who are interested in tourism promotion.
  • People who represent tribal lands.
Public participation

Public comment. The public may submit comments in writing to the council at any time. Council members may be contacted directly. Comments may also be submitted to the department for distribution to the council. Additionally, public comment will be taken in person at the end of each face-to-face (non-teleconference) meeting.

Public appearance. (Speaking on specific items that are on the current council agenda for consideration). Public appearances are made after an agenda item has been presented by the council. Council members may wish to discuss the content of their appearance presentation with citizens. Requests for public appearance for an agenda item may be made regardless of whether the meeting is face to face or is being held via teleconference. So that accommodations may be made, requests for public appearance must be submitted at least 10 calendar days before the scheduled meeting. Public appearance requests may only be made for a specific agenda item.

Bringing an issue to the council for consideration. The public may make a request for an appearance to bring an issue to the council. Requests should be made to the council chairperson no later than 10 calendar days prior to the meetings and should outline the reasons for the request including the subject matter to be discussed and recommendations to be made. Those requesting an appearance will be requested to provide council members with copies of written materials to be presented or a written statement of a position.

  • Issues may be submitted via email to the council. Please include your name, contact information, description of the issue and the action requested of the council.

Attendees who require assistance to participate in council meetings should contact the council at least seven days prior to the scheduled meeting date.

NRTTC resolutions
NRTTC meeting minutes