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Governor Nelson State Park

In spring, summer and fall, hike 8.4 miles of trails through many diverse ecological communities, including oak woodland and savannah and mesic and wet prairies. Wildflowers are abundant along the trails, and various animals can often be seen while hiking the trails. Also found on the hiking trails are two accessible viewing platforms with information panels.

Morningside trail

This 2.4-mile trail loops through restored prairies in the northern portion of the park. In winter it is a multi-use trail open to skiers and snowshoers and to pets on a leash.

Oak Savanna trail

This 1.8-mile trail begins near the park office and travels through prairie and savanna to the scenic overlook.

Redtail Hawk trail

This 1-mile trail is in the middle of the park and connects to the Oak Savanna and Woodland trails.

Woodland trail

This 1-mile trail is in the southern portion, forested portion of the park. A 358-foot panther effigy mound and several conical mounds are near the Woodland trail.