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Devil's Lake State Park

There are 29 miles of trails in the park, ranging from easy strolls along a paved pathway along the lakeshore to a rocky hiking ascent up the south face of the East Bluff. With several different trail segments, visitors can choose a hike of varying lengths that includes vistas, woods, meadows, glacial moraines, talus slopes and ridgetop backwoods.

The park has 1.5 miles of trail that are accessible for people with disabilities. These include Tumbled Rocks Trail (the roughly paved northern half may be accessible to strollers and wheelchairs with adventurous attendants), Grottoes Trail (fairly smooth and level with a fine gravel surface), a sidewalk and wooden boardwalk along the south shore of the lake and the paved pathways in both the north and south shore day-use areas.

Balanced Rock trail (0.4 miles)

A steep climbing trail more like an uneven rocky staircase. Balanced rock is 3/4 of the way up, about 100 feet off the trail. Many scenic views.

C.C.C. trail (0.3 miles)

Steep climbing trails with stone steps. From the Group Camp to the top of the bluff.

Devil's Doorway (0.1 miles)

A short smooth easy loop, once you've already ascended to the top of the bluff. Scenic views.

East Bluff trail (1.7 miles)

A trail with periodic stone steps ascending; the most gradual way up the bluff (but still gains 500 feet elevation). All in the woods with scenic vistas of the lake. Elephant Rock and Elephant "Cave" along the way.

East Bluff Woods trail (1.3 miles)

A moderately ascending/descending trail in the woods – no view of the lake.

Grottos trail (0.7 miles)

A level gravel trail running along the south face of the East Bluff.

Group Camp trail (0.5 miles)

Footpath leading from outdoor group camp to the south shore picnic and beach area. Some steps along the way.

Ice Age National Scenic Trail (all parts – 13.7 miles)

Includes various portions of several Devil's Lake trails.

Johnson Moraine loop trail (2.8 miles)

Easy trail with some grades. Follows atop a terminal moraine, adjacent to glacial "kettles" and marsh areas.

A section of the Johnson Moraine Loop trail between the park amphitheater and the Steinke Basin/Uplands Trail loops is now closed. Hikers may get to the Steinke Basin area by using part of the Ice Age Trail north of County Road DL. Mountain bikes are now allowed only on the Uplands Trail Loop.

Parfrey's Glen trail (0.7 miles)

Gently ascending moderate walking trail enters the sublimely spectacular hushed narrow gorge with moss and ferns and a small stream in the bottom of the glen. Visitors must stay on the trail to protect unique and endangered species in this State Natural Area. No food, drink or pets.

Potholes trail (0.3 miles)

Steep climbing trail with stone steps passing narrowly between quartzite rock faces. Wooded near the bottom, with ancient rounded eroded potholes near the top, formed by swirling water.

Roznos Meadow trail (1.8 miles)

The park's newest trail, an easy grassy walk through a prairie restoration project in the valley with a great view of a glacial terminal moraine, then ascends/descends through the woods to join the Uplands trail.

Sauk Point trail (4.5 miles)

Wooded and grassy ridge, farm, meadow, woods trail that traverses the highest point in the Baraboo Hills.

Steinke Basin loop trail (2.4 miles)

Level and easy, partly grassy, partly wooded path crosses small streams with evidence of beavers; the area was once an ancient shallow glacial lake bed. Bicycles are allowed on the western and northern sections of the Steinke Basin Loop where it overlaps the Upland Trail Loop.

Tumbled Rocks trail (1 mile)

The park's most popular trail follows along the lakeshore winding through the boulder/talus fields at the base of the west bluff. Great scenic views from lake level.

Upland loop trail (3.8 miles)

A high loop trail with some limited vistas, then partly in grassy meadows near Steinke Basin. Can view the Wisconsin River if you know where to look (mountain bikes may travel this loop when not closed to bikes because of weather or conditions).

West Bluff trail (1.4 miles)

Trail with numerous but moderate ups and downs with scenic views of the lake from atop the West Bluff; many stone steps at the north end and a steep ascent at the south end.