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Copper Falls State Park

Copper Falls has two, one-way mountain bike trails that are open to biking and hiking when they are not snow-covered. Heading east from the Ballfield Parking Lot is the Vahterra Trail and heading south from the North Campground area is the Takesson Trail. Bicycling is allowed only on the designated bike trails and the park roads.

Takesson trails

Hike or bike this 2.5-mile (two-loop) trail that offers scenic views of the Bad River. The trails feature hilly terrain throughout mature northern hardwoods and boreal forests. The inner loop at 1.6 miles is easier than the outer loop’s 2.5-mile moderate, hilly terrain.

Both loops go past active beaver ponds, tamarack bogs and exit at the North Campground. The inner loop mostly features hardwoods, while the outer loop features hardwoods, hemlock and cedar. Just before you finish, take a nice break while overlooking Murphy Lake to the right. Park at the Ballfield Parking Lot to access this trail, and then use a connector trail through the North Campground.

Vahtera trails

Hike or bike this 1.7-mile (two-loop) trail meandering through northern hardwood, hemlock stands and pine forest in the center of the park. The inner loop at 1.2 miles is easier than the outer loop’s 1.7-mile, hilly terrain. The inner loop features a stand of Eastern hemlock surrounding an active beaver pond, while the longer loop traverses northern hardwoods on top of glacial deposits that make a nice rolling hike or ride. This outer loop features one of the park’s more moderate downhills. Park at the Ballfield Parking Lot to access this trail.