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Winter camping

Wisconsin State Park System

Winter Campsite
If you have the right equipment and warm clothes, winter is a great time for camping. There are no crowds and there is plenty to do: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, bird watching and ice fishing.

The table below lists properties that offer winter camping opportunities. The reservations column applies to winter camping only; most campgrounds require reservations for camping spring through fall. Sites may be subject to change. Contact the property office for more information. 


Reserve a campsite online or by calling 1-888-947-2757.

Park or forest Sites Electrical Hookups Water Reservations Required
Amnicon Falls State Park 1 double site plowed No No No
Big Bay State Park 30 unplowed, 2 plowed Yes No No
Black River State Forest 4 plowed, 40 walk-in, Group Camp Yes, 2 at Castle Mound Yes Campsites - No, Indoor Group Camp - Yes
Blue Mound State Park 25 walk-in Yes Yes (next to dumpsters at the campground entrance) No
Brule River State Forest 35 sites, 2 plowed No Yes (hand pumps available) No
Brunet Island State Park 4 plowed No Yes (at shop) No
Buckhorn State Park 6 walk-in, 1 plowed Yes (1 site) Yes (at park office) No
Devil's Lake State Park 6 plowed standard sites Yes Yes Yes
Copper Falls State Park 4 plowed Yes Yes (at the maintenance area) No
Glacial Drumlin State Trail (Sandhill Station) 16 walk-in No Yes No
Governor Dodge State Park 39 sites, 10 plowed Yes Yes (at park office) No
Governor Earl Peshtigo River State Forest 7 walk-in/snowmobile sites No Yes (at Woods Lake Picnic Area in Gov. Thompson State Park) No
Governor Thompson State Park 3 remote, walk-in sites No Yes (at Woods Lake picnic area) No
High Cliff State Park 3 unplowed No Yes (at park office) No
Interstate State Park 40 unplowed, 2 plowed No Yes (hand pump at Group Camp, mechanical pump 0.5-mile past Visitor Center at stone building) No
Kettle Moraine State Forest - Northern Unit 78 sites at Mauthe Lake, 8 plowed, 7 walk-in sites, 5 backpack shelters along Ice Age Trail Yes (51 sites) Yes (There is a wellhead spigot outside the Mauthe Lake contact station and 4 other water sites along the Ice Age Trail.) Mauthe Lake Campground - No;
Backpack Shelters - Yes
Kettle Moraine State Forest - Southern Unit 99 at Ottawa Lake, 10 plowed, 2 walk-in sites with plowed parking, 3 backpack shelters along Ice Age Trail Yes Yes (On west side of Ottawa Contact Station and 5 locations along Ice Age Trail) Ottawa Lake Campground - No; Backpack Shelters - Yes
Kohler-Andrae State Park

3 plowed, 38 unplowed. 

Campsites #39, #40, #41 will be plowed.  Campers may park in Parking lot #4 to walk into campsites #1 - #38. 
Yes Yes (Hand pump in campground and water tap at the dump station) No
Menominee River State Recreation Area 4 unplowed, walk-in No No No
Mirror Lake State Park 7 plowed Yes Yes (at office; hose required) No
Newport State Park 16 backpack
1 group backpack
No Yes (at office) Yes
Northern Highland - American Legion State Forest 3 sites plowed at Clear Lake No Yes (faucet in front of Clear Lake Ranger Station; hose required) No
Pattison State Park 62 sites, 2 plowed, 3 backpack Yes Yes (at office) No
Peninsula State Park 6 plowed sites at Tennison Bay Yes Yes, at the well house on the main road in Tennison Bay campground No
Point Beach State Forest 7 plowed sites; 2 indoor group cabins Yes Yes (at office) Campsites - No; Indoor Group Cabins - Yes
Potawatomi State Park 3 plowed Yes Yes (at well house by campground shelter, hose required). No
Turtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area 60 (walk-in or ice access only island campsites; no snowmobiles allowed on islands) No No No
Wildcat Mountain State Park 11 unplowed Yes (8 sites) Yes (frost-free faucet at maintenance shop) No
Willow River State Park 30 unplowed, walk-in sites Yes (12 sites) Yes (at office or service building, hose required) No
Wyalusing State Park 32 sites (28 unplowed, 4 plowed) Yes (9 sites) Yes (at hydrant behind the shower building) No