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Winter camping

Wisconsin State Park System

If you have the right equipment and warm clothes, winter is a great time for camping. There are no crowds and there is plenty to do: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, bird watching and ice fishing. The table below lists properties that offer winter camping opportunities. The reservations column applies to winter camping only; most campgrounds accept reservations for camping spring through fall. Sites may be subject to change. Contact the property office for more information. 


Reserve a campsite online or by calling 1-888-947-2757.

Park or forest Sites Electrical Hookups Water Reservations
Amnicon Falls State Park 2 plowed No No No
Big Bay State Park 30 unplowed, 2 plowed Yes No No
Black River State Forest 3-5 plowed, 40 walk-in, Group Camp Yes, 5 at Castle Mound Yes Campsites - No, Group Camp - Yes
Blue Mound State Park 25 walk-in Yes Yes (next to dumpsters at the campground entrance) No
Brule River State Forest 35 sites, 2 plowed No Yes (hand pumps available) No
Brunet Island State Park 5 plowed Yes Yes (at hand pumps by campground) No
Buckhorn State Park 6 walk-in, 1 plowed Yes (1 site) Yes (at park office) No
Devil's Lake State Park 11 plowed standard sites, 9 group sites Yes Yes Yes
Copper Falls State Park 4 plowed No Yes (at the maintenance area) No
Flambeau River State Forest 29 sites, 8 plowed No Yes (hand pump) No
Glacial Drumlin State Trail (Sandhill Station) 16 walk-in No Yes No
Governor Dodge State Park 39 sites, 10 plowed Yes Yes (at park office) No
Governor Earl Peshtigo River State Forest 7 walk-in/snowmobile sites No Yes (at Woods Lake Picnic Area in Gov. Thompson State Park) No
Governor Thompson State Park 3 remote, walk-in sites No Yes (at Woods Lake picnic area) No
High Cliff State Park 3 unplowed No Yes (at park office) No
Interstate State Park 40 unplowed, 2 plowed No Yes (hand pump at Group Camp, mechanical pump 0.5-mile past Visitor Center at stone building) No
Kettle Moraine State Forest - Northern Unit 74 sites at Mauthe Lake, 8 plowed, 5 walk-in sites with plowed parking, 5 backpack shelters along Ice Age Trail Yes Yes (There is a wellhead spigot outside the Mauthe Lake contact station and 4 other water sites along the Ice Age Trail for the shelters.) Mauthe Lake Campground - No;
Backpack Shelters - Yes
Kettle Moraine State Forest - Southern Unit 99 at Ottawa Lake, 10 plowed, 2 walk-in sites with plowed parking, 3 backpack shelters along Ice Age Trail Yes Yes (On west side of Ottawa Contact Station and 5 locations along Ice Age Trail) Ottawa Lake Campground - No; Backpack Shelters - Yes
Kohler-Andrae State Park 10 plowed, 18 unplowed Yes Yes (Hand pump in campground and water tap at the dump station) No
Menominee River State Recreation Area 4 unplowed, walk-in No No No
Mirror Lake State Park 7 plowed Yes Yes (at office; hose required) No
Newport State Park 16 backpack
1 group backpack
No Yes (at office) Yes
Northern Highland - American Legion State Forest 3 sites plowed at Clear Lake No Yes (faucet in front of Clear Lake Ranger Station; hose required) No
Pattison State Park 62 sites, 2 plowed, 3 backpack Yes Yes (at office) No
Peninsula State Park 6 plowed sites at Tennison Bay Yes Yes, at the well house on the main road in Tennison Bay campground No
Point Beach State Forest 7 plowed sites; 2 indoor group cabins Yes Yes (at office) Campsites - No; Indoor Group Cabins - Yes
Potawatomi State Park 3 plowed Yes Yes (at well house by campground shelter, hose required). No
Turtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area Sites 1-60 (island campsites), walk-in; no snowmobiles allowed on islands No No No
Wildcat Mountain State Park 4 unplowed Yes Yes (frost-free faucet at maintenance shop) No
Willow River State Park 30 unplowed Yes (9 sites) Yes (at office or service building, hose required) No
Wyalusing State Park 32 sites (28 unplowed, 4 plowed) Yes (9 sites) Yes (at hydrant behind the shower building) No