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Brunet Island State Park

There are more than 8 miles of hiking trails at Brunet Island, including nearly two miles of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Geocaching has become a popular activity at Brunet Island and there are a variety of caches located within the park.

Jean Brunet nature trail

The Jean Brunet Nature Trail is a self-guided walking trail with signs along the trail describing the history and nature of the area. This 0.8-mile trail dramatically demonstrates the incredible variety in nature that we sometimes take for granted. This trail starts near the main bridge to the island. A 500-foot segment of the trail is paved for handicap accessibility, with a cul-de-sac and table provided at the end for fishing and picnicking.

Ice Age National Scenic Trail

Just under 2 miles of the Ice Age Trail passes through Brunet Island State Park on the west side of the Chippewa River. From the park, the trail goes northwest 17 miles to the Chippewa Moraine Ice Age National Scientific Reserve. The trail continues east from the park into the town of Cornell.

Nordic trail

The Nordic Trail, on the mainland, is open to hikers and cross-country skiers. The trail starts at the park office and leads you along a scenic tour of the Fisher River and over a variety of glacial terrain. The trail is divided into a short loop and a long loop for a total of 4.3 miles of trail. It is groomed for classical skiing during the winter. The trail includes orientation signs to guide you and there are benches along the way where you can rest and enjoy the quiet.

Old Abe State Trail link

There is a 1-mile hike/bike-only trail link from the park entrance to the Old Abe State Trail, which runs from Cornell to Chippewa Falls. A state trail pass is required to use the Old Abe State Trail for all bikers and in-line skaters age 16 and older.

Pine trail

The Pine Trail is in an area enclosed by the loop of the park road. The Pine trail meanders through a red (Norway) pine plantation.

Spruce trail

The Spruce Trail follows along the Fisher River from the Pine Trail to the picnic area.

Timber trail

The Timber Trail is also in an area enclosed by the loop of the park road. The Timber Trail links the north campground to the beach and picnic areas. This trail leads the hiker through majestic strands of mature Hemlock and young strands of aspen.