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Winter Recreation

Big Bay State Park

During winter, ferry service from Bayfield is available until the ferry is unable to break the ice on the lake. When ferry service is no longer available, an ice road or wind-sleds and passenger vans may be available to Madeline Island.

Big Bay State Park has limited plowed access from Nov. 1 to April 1. The parking lot at the office and shop are plowed regularly, but visitors should be prepared to hike in snow from those locations.  

Multi-use Trails

Snowshoeing, hiking and cross-country skiing are allowed in the park. Trails are multi-use and are not groomed.

Bay View trail

The 1.3-mile Bay View Trail follows the shoreline on the north side of Big Bay Point. Late in the day, it's a great place to see deer and other wildlife and spectacular sunsets.

Point trail

Connecting with the Bay View Trail near the tip of the point, this 1.7-mile trail includes a loop with both inland and shoreline segments, plus a trail that winds through the woods between the outdoor group camp and regular campground and beach area (Woods Trail). The Cut Across Trail is a short volunteer trail that serves as a shortcut through the woods to the Point Trail Loop.