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Amnicon Falls State Park

The park has 1.8 miles of trails. There are a number of short trails along both sides of the Amnicon River, offering varied views of the falls and surrounding scenery. A 0.8-mile self-guided nature trail provides scenic views of the river as well as access to the river bed downstream from the falls area.

Thimbleberry nature trail

The 0.8-mile Thimbleberry Nature Trail is a place to observe a variety of trees, flowers, non-flowering plants, birds and animals. A side spur leads to a pond, which once was a brownstone quarry. A booklet keyed to numbered signposts tells more about the things you'll see. The trail also provides views of the flat part of the river as well as easy access to the river bed about 0.2 miles downstream from the falls.

Trails around the falls

The most popular trail to view the falls is the 0.25-mile trail on the island. This trail gives you viewing access to the three main falls; Upper, Lower and Snake Pit. It also provides viewing opportunities to other smaller waterfalls and pools. An additional 0.5 miles of the trail goes up and down the river to view many other pools and cascades. The two river walks are relatively flat and easy.