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Quiet Area

Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters Area

A voluntary quiet area has been established on approximately the eastern 20% of the flowage. The quiet area boundaries run from the narrows near Blair Lake upstream to the property boundary, which is near the confluence of the Bear and Manitowish rivers.

The purpose of this designation is to promote an atmosphere of quiet solitude for those seeking a "wilderness" type experience. Many anglers, canoers and campers come to the flowage seeking solitude, and we want to preserve that atmosphere.

When camping in a quiet area, we ask that you be especially conscious of keeping noise to a minimum. If you plan to use noise-producing devices such as radios, you should camp in other areas of the flowage. NOTE: Devices that produce excessive, loud or unusual noise, including chainsaws, generators or fireworks, are not allowed anywhere on the property.

We also ask that you observe slow no wake boating in the quiet area. Boat wakes are unwelcome by anglers and canoers in any situation and courtesy should be exercised. In the quiet area, we hope to provide a refuge for those seeking a peaceful experience.