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Boating and Canoeing

Lower Wisconsin State Riverway

Canoe Routes and Trails

LWSR Water Trail Map [PDF]

Popular Canoe Routes
Destination Miles Canoeing Time
Sauk City to Arena 11 3½ hours
Arena to Spring Green 10 3 hours
Spring Green to Muscoda 22 6 hours
Muscoda to Blue River 8 2 hours
Blue River to Boscobel 10 3 hours
Boscobel to Bridgeport 23 6 hours
Mileage Between Popular Landings

Major Public Access Points

  • Veterans Memorial Park (Prairie du Sac)
  • Town of Mazomanie
  • Arena
  • Highway 14 Bridge
  • Peck's Landing
  • Otter Creek
  • McKenna Park (Long Lake)
  • Buena Vista Boat Landing (Gotham)
  • Avoca Lake Park (questionable access to river)
  • Orion
  • Riverside Park (Muscoda)
  • Muscoda (west side of Hwy 80)
  • Blue River Landing
  • Boscobel Landings
  • Woodman Lake
  • Wauzeka Public Landing
  • Millville Landing
  • Bedford Slough and Bridgeport
  • Wyalusing State Park

* In addition to the access points listed above, several other private and older access points (not maintained or lost to erosion) do exist along the river.

Regulations and Safety Tips

 State boating regulations [PDF] apply on the Wisconsin River. Here are few of the highlights:

  • A personal floatation device (life jacket) is required for every person on board a boat, motorized and non-motorized. The PFD must be a type 1, 2, or 3 (wearable type not a seat cushion), must be U.S. Coast Guard approved and be of the correct size for the intended wearer. It is required that anyone on a personal watercraft WEAR their PFD. Those in other boats are not required to wear the PFD but it must be readily accessible.
  • If you swim in the river, wearing your PFD is also recommended due to the drop offs and sometimes swift current.
  • Lighting is required sunset to sunrise. A light must be carried and shown in time to avoid collisions on non-motorized boats. Bow and stern lights are required on motorized boats — see regulations for details on motorized boats.
  • Registration is required on motorized boats and sailboats over 12 feet.
  • Operating a motorboat while under the influence of intoxicants is prohibited.