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Hunter Resources

Woman hunting with dog.
Photo courtesy of Northeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies.

Hunters are encouraged to use and bookmark this central hub for all their hunting needs. Still, have questions? Contact us.

Headed out hunting for your first time this year? Or, your first time in the last decade? Take advantage of a discount on your hunting license!


Buying a license is the first step to hunting this fall. Hunters can purchase and manage all their hunting licenses through Go Wild. Bonus harvest authorizations and registrations can also be handled through Go Wild.


The Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Combined Hunting Regulations are available online now. Check hunting hours online before you head out to hunt.


Review season dates and be sure of what you can hunt and when. Use the printable version for easy reference in areas with low reception – screenshot or save the document to view on your phone while offline.


New to hunting or want a refresher before the season starts? Connect with our hunter safety resources. And don't forget about our Learn To Hunt classes – they're a great option for beginners!


Hunting is allowed on many of the DNR's public properties. Additionally, some private lands are open to public hunting through programs like the Voluntary Public Access program. Find public land to explore and hunt on this fall.


As a reminder, the Hunt Wild mobile app was retired in June 2023. The DNR's Hunting webpages are the best way to stay updated on hunting information.