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Hunt Wild Wisconsin App Privacy Policy

Public disclosure

Wisconsin laws ensure that government is open and that the public has a right to access appropriate records and information the state government possesses. At the same time, there are exceptions to the public's right to access public records provided by state and federal laws. These exceptions include the limited privacy rights of individuals.

Information collected by this application becomes a public record and may be subject to inspection and copying by the public unless an exception in law exists. When using the Department of Natural Resources Hunt Wild WI mobile application, information not readily identifiable to the user is automatically collected and stored. This information is collected for the necessary function of application features and to improve DNR services.

In the event of a conflict between this Privacy Notice and the Wisconsin Open Records Law or other law governing the disclosure of records, the Wisconsin Open Records Law or other applicable law will control.

Information collected and how it is used.

If the user browses or downloads Wisconsin DNR information while using the Hunt Wild WI mobile application, the department automatically collects or logs the following information about each visit:

  1. The Internet Protocol address and domain name were used but not the email address. The Internet Protocol address is a numerical identifier assigned to the user's Internet service provider or the user's device. The Internet Protocol Address is used to direct Internet traffic to the user's device;
  2. When launching the application, the User ID, date, time, user location and hunting species are selected;
  3. When saving an offline map locally on the user's device, the User ID, date, time, user location and spatial scale of a saved map;
  4. When saving waypoints and tracks, the User ID, date, time, user location, location and format of saved waypoints and tracks;
  5. When planning a trip, the User ID, date, time, date of proposed travel and species of the proposed trip;
  6. When consulting the regulations, the User ID, date, time, user location, species selected and regulation category selected;
  7. When creating notifications, the User ID, date, time, species selected, type of notification, and the date and time of notification.

These application logs are continually analyzed to help: 

  1. Improve the application by knowing the most popular features.
  2. Identify hunting trends by species, dates and times.
  3. Determine the locations where Wisconsin DNR customers recreate, including the use of public lands.
  4. Allow the Wisconsin DNR to allocate resources better to meet customer needs on the ground and in customer service systems. This data is securely stored and used for Wisconsin DNR business needs.

Wisconsin Open Records Law retains the above information.

Request to Delete Facebook Data

We respect your privacy and are providing the opportunity to request that your Facebook login credentials utilized for the Hunt Wild Wisconsin Application be removed. If you would like your Facebook login data to be removed from your Hunt Wild Wisconsin account, please send your request to Data Deletion Request and include your valid email address associated with your Hunt Wild Wisconsin account in the body of the email request. Your email address is required to locate and remove the requested data successfully.

Once your data deletion request is received, the Hunt Wild Wisconsin Team will complete the removal of the requested user data within 5-7 business days, and you will receive a confirmation email to the initially supplied email address verifying that your login data has been removed from our application.

Personal information and choice

"Personally identifiable information" is information about an individual that is readily identifiable to that specific individual. Personal information includes the user's legal name, date of birth, Social Security Administration account number, street address, telephone number, Internet protocol address and email address. The state collects the information detailed in the previous section, Information Collected and How it is Used, when the user voluntarily logs into the application and with each specific function of the application.

If the user requests personal information on the application or volunteers, state law and the federal Privacy Act of 1974 may protect it. However, the information provided is public record and may be subject to public inspection and copying if not protected by federal or state law.

Users are cautioned that collecting personal information requested from or volunteered by children in the application may be indistinguishable and subject to public access.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, as manager of the application, has taken several steps to safeguard the integrity of its telecommunications and computing infrastructure, including but not limited to authentication, monitoring, auditing and encryption. Security measures have been integrated into the design, implementation and day-to-day practices of the entire department operating environment as part of its continuing commitment to risk management.

This information should not be construed in any way as giving business, legal, or other advice. This information should not be construed as warranting or fail-proof the security of the information supplied through department-supported applications.


The application may link the user to other Web sites, including those operated by other government agencies and nonprofit organizations. When the user follows a link to another site, the user is no longer working within the application, and this Privacy Notice will no longer apply. When the user follows a link to a Web site, the user is subject to that site's privacy policy.