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Stakeholder Input Opportunities for Forestry Documents

The DNR Division of Forestry prioritizes soliciting stakeholder input on division documents. As a division, we are committed to informing and involving our stakeholders in the development and review of materials that guide our programs.

Inviting stakeholders to provide input is not only good customer service. It also creates opportunities to identify potential concerns and unforeseen impacts, understand diverse perspectives and determine the level of stakeholder support for division documents.

To provide feedback on a document, email the staff member listed in the "Contact Person" column. Clicking on their name will take you to the staff directory, where you'll find their contact information.

Documents available for stakeholder input

Contact Person: Skya Rose Murphy
Due Date: 06/04/2021
Description of Document Changes:

Changes made as a result of public comments included emphasizing the active nature of mutually agreeing with landowners to amend MFL plans, and clarifying that the mutual agreement to amend is not a compliance procedure. No other substantive changes were made.

Written comments were received from 17 individuals. Most comments were directed to the Certified Plan Writer updates. One was a comment on the updates to the Principles of Sound Forestry; one was relevant to the revised Dispute Resolution Procedure (DRP). We received two comments on the updated Cutting Notice and Cutting Reports revisions, and two comments were relevant to the revised chapter on Amending Management plans. These were the most substantive comments, and resulted in changes to the procedure for Amending Management Plans.