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Stakeholder Input Opportunities for Forestry Documents

The DNR Division of Forestry prioritizes soliciting stakeholder input on division documents. As a division, we are committed to informing and involving our stakeholders in the development and review of materials that guide our programs.

Inviting stakeholders to provide input is not only good customer service. It also creates opportunities to identify potential concerns and unforeseen impacts, understand diverse perspectives and determine the level of stakeholder support for division documents.

To provide feedback on a document, email the staff member listed in the "Contact Person" column. Clicking on their name will take you to the staff directory, where you'll find their contact information.

Documents available for stakeholder input

Document Title Contact Person Due Date for Comments Description of Document and Proposed Changes Comment Summary and Final Document

Forest Tax Law Handbook

Skya Murphy


Forest Tax Law Handbook Chapter 201, Managed Forest Law Procedures for Applications and Management Plans, containing procedures for Certified Plan Writers (CPWs) preparing MFL applications and management plans to meet the eligibility requirements outlined in statute and code and adhere to Wisconsin Forest Inventory and Reporting System (WisFIRS) requirements and Department guidance.

The procedures in this chapter include topics for CPWs to discuss with landowners prior to enrollment, using WisFIRS, screening for ineligible land uses and buildings, map requirements and gathering required signatures. Procedures have been updated to reflect updates to Ch. 77, Wis. Stats. and NR 46, Wis. Admin. Code and our current directives and operational processes. These updates will replace all content specific to applications and management plans currently found in Chapter 20 of the Tax Law Handbook.

The Forest Tax Law Handbook serves to digest the law relating to the forest tax programs and provide guidance for the administration and implementation of the Tax Law programs. The Handbook embodies statute and rule and provides greater procedural detail to ensure consistency in their application. As such, the chapters provided for your review have been updated to reflect changing regulations and operational efficiencies.

Chapter 201: Managed Forest Law Applications and Management Plans


Public Forest Lands Handbook, 2460.5

Doug Brown


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is seeking public input on proposed changes to the Public Forest Lands Handbook, which covers program guidance for all DNR and county land management procedures in addition to program management for the DNR’s Good Neighbor Authority process.

The Public Forest Lands Handbook is updated every 2 years to incorporate and codify any approved policies and guidance that have occurred since the previous update.


Prescribed Burn Handbook

Elena Crownover


The Wisconsin DNR Prescribed Burn Program is in the process of updating the department’s Prescribed Burn Handbook. Each chapter of the handbook involves different policy aspects of planning, operations, and evaluation for internal staff in the burn program.

Chapter 1: General Policy [PDF] contains all overarching program policy as well as policy that affects our outside fire management partners, businesses, and the general public. We welcome your feedback on the content in this chapter and have highlighted all updated language in green text to aid in your review.