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GNA Program Revenue Proposed Projects

Chequamegon-Nicolet GNA Program

Ideas below are preliminary suggestions that have been communicated to the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (CNNF) and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources leadership. Since the specific details for each project have yet to be solidified, there is no priority order to this list below and the ideas have not yet been filtered through the Good Neighbor Authority Agreement or CNNF annual priorities.

In July 2021, the GNA Proposed Projects List was revised. The Wisconsin DNR and CNNF merged similar projects, added details to vague project ideas and removed projects that were better suited for other funding or implementation mechanisms.

This table was last updated on 07/28/2021.
Project Name Frequency Location Preliminary Description
Non-Native Invasive Species (NNIS) Survey Annually Forest-wide Survey roads, motorized trails, and acres of recreational sites for NNIS each year across the Forest. Stands which are already being surveyed for rare plants and NNIS would not require additional survey.
Clearing and Brushing Annually Forest-wide Brush or mow road corridors, trails, or pathways.  The main objectives for this activity will be to maintain or enhance timber operations, wildlife habitat, trail use, or wetland impoundments.
Road Decommissioning Annually Forest-wide Decommission National Forest roads with sensitive soil types and low use levels. This project would include effectiveness monitoring and only include activities that have been appropriately analyzed through the National Environmental Policy Act.
Land Line Maintenance Annually Forest-wide Conduct land line maintenance through re-brushing of lines, replacing boundary signs, and repainting the boundary line.
Site Preparation for Tree Regeneration Annually Forest-wide Conduct practices such as scarify the forest floor to facilitate natural tree regeneration or prepare soil for tree planting, accomplishing National Forest Management Act requirements.
Pre-Sale Access Management Annually Forest-wide Conduct activities that reconstruct deteriorating roadways for the sole purpose of supporting future timber sale activity in the area. 
Timber Stand Improvement Annually Forest-wide Conduct timber stand improvement (promoting tree regeneration) on stands, specifically timber stand improvement needs which are beyond 5-years post-harvest. Methods primarily involve individual tree release from competition using brush saws, as well as some white pine pathological pruning.
Tree-Drop Placement Annually Forest-wide Restore large woody debris for fish habitat enhancement on lakes, using trees found on-site, felled into the lake and anchored.
Stream Gauge Inventory Annually Forest-wide Inventory the current and on-going health parameters (i.e., flow, clarity, volume, etc.) of the stream resources on the Forest.
Stream Restoration Once Forest-wide Reconstruct stream channels (dig or pile).  Activities may include placing large woody material, removing rock roller dams, aspen girdling, and riparian zone under planting.  Targeted streams could be in Forest/Florence County (Brule River), Price County (SF Flambeau River, Foulds Creek), and Sawyer County (Venison Creek).
Bee and Lepidopterous Surveys Annually Forest-wide Survey bee and lepidopterous resources on the Forest to better understand impacts on the Forest.
Cultural Resource Surveys (Phase 1) Annually Forest-wide Conduct pre-vegetation management project surveys for cultural resources each year.
Water Quality at Developed Recreation Sites Annually Forest-wide Conduct maintenance and repairs at developed recreation sites, including at boat landings, that restore eroding shorelines or maintain stairs leading to water body.
Motorized Trail Bridge Design 1 bridge/ year Forest-wide To assist in-house Forest Service survey and design capacity to improve bridge design where bridges and their use are negatively impacting surrounding vegetation or soil health.
Motorized Trail Bridge Replacement (Snowmobile and/or ATV) 1 bridge/ year Forest-wide Replace motorized trail bridges in locations where recreation use is causing soil and habitat degradation and water quality concerns.

Please contact us [PDF] to discuss your program revenue project ideas! Refer to our bidding information document [PDF] if you're interested in getting involved with GNA program revenue projects.