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Forest Crop Law (FCL) General Questions

How do I know if land is enrolled in FCL?

A title search or tax bill can indicate enrollment in FCL.

Where do I find a copy of my FCL management schedule?

Contact a tax law administration specialist [PDF].

How do I find out when my FCL order will expire?

At the time of enrollment, the land was entered for a 25-year or 50-year period. Contact a tax law administration specialist [PDF] for more information.

What happens when my FCL order expires?

When the order expires the land will go back on the regular property tax roll unless it is enrolled into the Managed Forest Law program (MFL).

There is no longer a termination tax for lands not enrolled in MFL immediately after expiring from FCL.

Is a document issued when my FCL order expires?

No, the enrollment in the program simply expires at the end of the order period.

What are the tax rates for FCL land?

FCL tax rates are listed online.

Can I convert my land to the MFL program before the FCL order expires?

Yes. Owners of Forest Crop Law (FCL) land may apply to convert their FCL land to a new MFL order prior to the end (expiration) of the FCL order. This should not be confused with an expiring FCL order which the landowners choose to enroll in the MFL program as a new entry. Conditions of FCL conversion are listed below.

  • The application must include all FCL lands under the same ownership in the municipality or municipalities for which the application is submitted, regardless of entry year.
  • All FCL land within the municipality or municipalities must meet the eligibility requirements. If any of it fails to meet the minimum requirements, none of the FCL lands within the municipality or municipalities may be converted.
  • Same application deadline and fees apply to FCL conversions as other MFL entry types. Landowners are required to hire a certified plan writer to develop applications for FCL conversion.
  • Begins a new 25-year or 50-year order period.
  • Only land being converted from FCL may be included on the Conversion and Designation Order. This is to clearly identify lands that are converted. Lands may be added in years following the conversion. (e.g. lands converted in 2005 can have additions beginning in 2006).
  • Conversion and Designation Orders have or will have sequence numbers in the 200, 300, or 400 series (e.g. 27 205 1996). Conversion and Designation Orders may no longer have sequence numbers in the 200, 300, or 400 series after the WisFIRS reporting system becomes effective.
  • Special withdrawal taxes apply to conversions withdrawn during the first 10 years of the order.