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Inspection, Operation and Maintenance plan (IOM)

An IOM is a major step an owner can take to protect downstream lives and property, protect his/her investment and reduce potential liability. It is a document that identifies who is responsible for operating, inspecting and maintaining a dam. It includes a description of the dam, how the dam is to be operated under normal, high and low flows, how and when the dam is to be inspected and how the dam is to be maintained. The IOM also includes documentation of on-going and past operation and maintenance activities.

Reasons for an IOM

All owners of large dams are required to develop an adequate IOM for each dam they own under Chapter NR 333.07(3)(a), Wis. Adm. Code. It is recommended that the owner of any dam have an IOM in place. Having an IOM in place and following it can help show the dam owner has taken reasonable and prudent care of the dam. Because Ch. NR 333.07(3)(a), Wis. Adm. Code does not specify the components of an IOM, the following guidebook and template have been developed to assist dam owners in writing a plan which meets an accepted minimum standard.

The guide is designed to help the typical Wisconsin dam owner (someone who owns and operates a dam by himself or with one operator) easily and quickly develop a compliant IOM. Dam owners with more complex organizational structures will require IOMs which include additional language and more customization. Each IOM must be tailored to site-specific conditions and the requirements of the owner, agency or organization that operates the dam.

For more information on or assistance in writing an IOM, contact DNR dam safety or your regional water management engineer on the regional contact list.


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