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Dam search

Three search tools have been developed to obtain information about dams in Wisconsin. Two search tools determine the inspection schedules for state regulated, large dams and provide selected database information. The third search tool helps determine the name and/or location for any dam in the dam inventory and provides basic information about the dam.

  • Individual dam search
    • Dam owners, consultants and other interested parties can use this search to view the inspection schedule for any dam and to export a report of selected database information for the dam.
  • Inspection schedule by year
    • Use this search to get a list of all dams scheduled for owner responsible inspections for any year, either statewide or by county. The data returned can be sorted by column headings or exported to an Excel spreadsheet. A report of selected database information for any dam listed in the search can be viewed or exported to a PDF or Excel format.
  • Surface Water Data Viewer – Dams Theme
    • Use this search to find the name and/or location of a dam and to obtain basic information about the dam. Use the zoom in, zoom out and move buttons to navigate the map. The find location tab has additional search functions. Click on the point identify button, then click on a dam (red square) to access the name and basic database information about the dam.
Contact information
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