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Wisconsin Dams Data Downloads

The Wisconsin Dam Data Viewer provides spatial and tabular data for the statewide repository of dams. 

The Dam Data Viewer is updated daily and displays points representing the locations for all dams recorded in the DNR Dam Safety Database. Users can view dam locations spatially and associated attribute information in a table. Data may also be downloaded in several formats, including a shapefile, and users can filter the download based on the map extent.


The DNR GIS Open Data Portal is a free resource for locating, viewing, and downloading data developed and/or maintained by the Wisconsin DNR.

For more information on geographic information systems and other available DNR GIS layers, visit the DNR GIS page.

Contact information
For more information about data viewer mapping, contact:
DNR Dam Safety
DNR Dam Safety Program, WT/3
101 S Webster St
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707–7921