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Dam safety consultants

Prairie du Sac Dam

Prairie du Sac Dam, Sauk County

Chapter 31, Wis. Stats. requires owners of large dams to participate in the safety of their dams by hiring professional engineers licensed in Wisconsin to perform regular and frequent inspections.

The Hiring an engineer fact sheet [PDF] assists owners with the process of contacting, interviewing, reviewing references and experience, and hiring a consulting engineer to perform a dam safety inspection. The information on this form will be used to assist dam owners in hiring a consultant.

Directory of consultants and contractors [PDF] is a resource that dam owners can use when contacting engineers/contractors for dam inspections, maintenance and repairs, hydrology and hydraulic analyses.

The purpose of this form is to provide basic contact information with respect to engineers/firms that have experience working on dam projects. It is not intended to, nor should it be construed as advocating on the part of the DNR that dam owners use one engineer or firm in particular, or that a dam owner use any of the engineers/firms listed. The DNR neither endorses nor vouches for any of these engineers, their firms or their work habits, practices or results. Moreover, the DNR shall not be liable for any mishap, poor workmanship or design, hardship, difficulty, delay or other misfortune experienced by a dam owner or operator who uses the services of an engineer/firm that is chosen from this list.

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