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Wetland mitigation banking

Wetland photo


Mitigate permitted wetland impacts with mitigation bank credits.

Service Areas

Mitigation banking is divided into 12 watersheds that serve as the areas within which banks may sell credits and be considered "in service area. "If mitigation bank credits are not available in the service area, further guidance on how to determine credit ratios can be found in the 2013 Guidelines for Wetland Compensatory Mitigation in Wisconsin (Version 1), under Chapter 3.

Service Area Map

Wetland mitigation bank service area map

Prospective Mitigation Bank Sponsors

Any individual or entity may establish and operate a wetland mitigation bank in Wisconsin. Wetland Mitigation banks are regulated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the DNR.

Listed below are links to statutes, code, guidance, and map tools that may be helpful to a prospective bank sponsor.

Resources for site guidance
Resources for regulations