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Explore Wisconsin wetlands

Celebrate American wetlands month in May

wetland swaking

To Learn How Visit Wisconsin Wetlands Association

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Wetlands are nature’s kidneys, nurseries for fish and wildlife, people’s playgrounds. These resources can help you explore these wonderlands firsthand or from home.

Get your boots wet

The best way to explore wetlands is to get your feet wet. Hike, hunt, birdwatch or just relax in a wetland. Or if you’re a man, woman or child of action, get involved in volunteer activities to help conserve these fantastic natural resources.

Check out these special places

Find thousands of acres of public wetlands to explore in Wisconsin. Choose from massive wetland complexes with international significance to small ephemeral ponds with outsized importance for migrating waterfowl and frogs and salamanders –– to everything in between. Don’t forget about Wisconsin’s 100 Wetland Gems identified by Wisconsin Wetlands Association as high-quality habitats that represent the wetland riches – marshes, swamps, bogs, fens and more – that historically made up nearly a quarter of Wisconsin's landscape.

Wetlands Gems

Wisconsin Wetlands Association Identifies 100 Wetlands Gems

Get involved

Roll up your sleeves and work for wetlands. See how citizens, the DNR and other partners are doing just that to make a big difference for these special places that benefit people and nature.

Enjoy these events

Find hikes, frog calling adventures, and other events that will help you explore wetlands.

Watch and listen