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Waterway and wetland permits: management of aquatic plants and algae in ponds

Protecting Your Piece of Paradise

DNR Publication # FH 228

Written by Dan Helsel and Scott Szymanski


Part I | Part II | Part III


An early morning mist lifting from the water's edge...

The clamor of frogs filling the springtime eve with a shrilling chorus...

A rainbow trout easing to the surface and slurping in an unsuspecting dragonfly...

Southbound ducks overhead, circling, patiently surveying before cupping their wings for a migrating respite...

Moonlight skating in the chill of winter...

A refreshing dip in the heat of summer...

all fond memories of life by your pond.



2001 Wisconsin Lakes Partnership
University of Wisconsin-Extension/CNR
1900 Franklin Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481




     Robert Korth
     Tamara Dudiak
     Mary Pardee

Primary Contributors:

     Scott Toshner
     Charmaine Robaidek

Technical Review:

     Mary Gansberg
     Bradley Johnson
     Tim Rasman
     Deb Konkel
     Robert Sonntag


     Robert Korth


    Carol Watkins