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Water use administrative rules

The department has several administrative rules to implement the Great Lakes Compact and associated statewide water use regulations.

Rules in effect

NR 850 — Water use fees

Contact: Chris Fuchsteiner

NR 852 — Water conservation and water use efficiency

Contact: Bob Smail

NR 856 — Water use registration and reporting

Contact for registration: Chris Fuchsteiner
Contact for reporting: Bob Smail

NR 860 — Water use permitting

Contact: Nicki Clayton

Rules in development

NR 854 — Water supply service area plans

Current status: Drafting

  • Public water systems throughout the state that serve a population of 10,000 or more are required to develop a water supply service area plan by 2025. Public water systems located in the Great Lakes Basin that are seeking a new or increased withdrawal, or communities seeking a diversion of Great Lakes water, must prepare a plan prior to the new or increased withdrawal or diversion. This rule will specify the procedures and requirements for these plans.

Contact: Chris Fuchsteiner

Additional administrative rules

Current status: Drafting

  • Water use public participation — this rule will establish the requirements for public participation for proposals to divert Great Lakes Basin water.
  • Water loss and consumptive use — this rule will establish the methods for determining the amount of water loss from different types of water use.

Contact: Nicki Clayton


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