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Upper Fox and Wolf Rivers TMDL

A framework for water quality improvement

The Upper Fox River and Wolf River Basin, courtesy of Winnebago Waterways.
The Upper Fox River and Wolf River Basins. © Winnebago Waterways

The Upper Fox and Wolf River Basins (UFW) are two separate basins that converge within a series of pool lakes in Winnebago County before finally flowing collectively into Lake Winnebago. All the surface water drainage to Lake Winnebago is contained within these two basins. Lake Winnebago outlets into the Lower Fox River Basin, where it eventually flows into Green Bay.

The DNR, together with many partners throughout the basins, are working to improve water quality within the Upper Fox and Wolf Rivers, which includes many lakes and tributaries. The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study and implementation plan will provide a strategic framework and prioritize resources for water quality improvement in the UFW.

The UFW TMDL study area spans Wisconsin's east-central corridor from the headwaters in Forest County and the city of Portage to Lake Winnebago, covering 5,900 square miles, approximately 10 percent of the state.

The TMDL process pipeline

Monitoring and Evaluation

Approval by EPA

On February 27, 2020, the U.S. EPA approved the Upper Fox and Wolf TMDL Report.


TMDL Update for Newly Listed Waters (2022)

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