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Surface Water Data Viewer

The Surface Water Data Viewer (SWDV) is a DNR data delivery system that provides interactive web mapping tools for a wide variety of datasets including chemistry (water, sediment), physical and biological (macroinvertebrate, fish) data.

This interactive web mapping application for surface water resources is an HTML5 web application that will work in all current browsers. The interface has tabs that group similar sets of tools (similar to MS Word or Excel). Other features include drawing tools, the ability to add a KML, Shapefile, GPX or tabular dataset with latitude/longitude coordinates, as well as the ability to change coordinate systems.

Launch SWDV mapping application


The SWDV has seven different "themes" or versions. The default is the general theme in which you manually select the data layers you would like to view. The other themes preselect data layers for you. Learn more about and explore the following available themes.


The wetlands theme portrays the state's wetlands and related information upon opening the application. The featured datasets include the Wisconsin Wetland Inventory (Digital version) and a Wetlands Indicators data layer. These data layers are designed to help users determine if wetlands are likely to present at their site. To learn more information about each layer click on its title. To determine if on-line wetland inventory maps are available for the county you are viewing, click on the Wisconsin map in the left side margin to begin your search.

Layer use suggestions

  • With the Find Location tool, search by either Township, Range, Section, or Civil Town to bring your area of interest into view.
  • Use the Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Move buttons to narrow your focus right on the property.
  • Click on Identify, then click on either a yellow area to find out what kind of wetland is there, or a pink area to find out what kind of soil type is there. Print maps to save for later reference.
  • Visit DNR Wetland Regulatory Programs for more information about wetland permits, and Locating Wetlands for more information about finding wetlands on your land.

Wetlands and Wetland Indicators Theme


The Dams Theme portrays the state’s dams automatically. This online interactive map allows access to the dams inventory in Wisconsin. As an added bonus you can also view Air Photos (for all but six counties) and USGS Topographic Maps. You can turn on or off other data layers but the dams are the featured dataset. To download the dams data layer, go to Dams data downloads.

Dams Theme


The Floodplain specialized theme portrays the state’s floodplain mapping datasets including Floodplain Analysis Data, Digital FIRMs (new format), FIRM Images (old format), Cross Sections, Base Flood Elevations, and FIRM Panel Index. This set of floodplain data, which is continually updated through federal-state partnership work, provides a detailed representation of the most up-to-date floodplain delineations in the state.

Floodplain Program Theme

Designated Waters

An additional specialized "theme" is one that portrays the state's Designated Waters (critical habitat and other sensitive aquatic resource areas). A Designated Water is a waterbody that has special designations that affect permit requirements.

Please note that Areas of Special Natural Resource Interest (ASNRI) waters and Public Rights Features (PRF) waters are also considered Priority Navigable Waters (PNW). Use the maps on this site to determine whether the lake or stream where you plan a project has a special designation.

How to find Designated Waters

  • Use the Zoom In, Zoom Out and Move buttons to navigate the map.
  • From the Find Location menu, select Waterbody Name and County to search for a named waterbody in a particular county.
  • Click on the Identify button, then click on a waterbody on the map to access specific waterbody information and designation details.
  • Go to Print to generate maps of your online information. Visit DNR Waterway and Wetland Protection for additional information.

Designated Waters Theme

Fish Advice

The Fish Consumption Advice Theme portrays the state’s existing recommended fish consumption levels. This online interactive map allows access to the data layers that are involved in different levels of advice.

Fish Consumption Advice Theme


  • Welcome to the Surface Water Data Viewer [PDF]
    This document provides detailed introductions for using the SWDV web mapping application. It was developed specifically for volunteers participating in the Water Action Volunteers (WAV) program, but is a valuable reference for anyone interested in learning more about the SWDV.
  • Surface Water Data Viewer User Guide [PDF]
    This user guide provides information on common tools and functions available in the SWDV.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [PDF]
    FAQs related to the SWDV and the Water Condition Viewer. This document can also be accessed directly from within the viewer, under the "Additional Resources" tab.