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Help and Tips for SWIMS

To meet Department development standards, the SWIMS user interface has undergone a redesign. Along with meeting these development standards, the additional goals of this redesign are to update SWIMS with a modern look, create a standardize layout, and to allow users to do and manage more in the SWIMS database.

New SWIMS User Interface

Timeline for the SWIMS User Interface Transition

  • March 2023: New SWIMS user interface links become available to the general user (The old UI will still be available and accessible at this time)
  • May 2023: Users will be automatically directed to use the new SWIMS UI
  • June 2023: Full transition to the new SWIMS UI

Please contact DNR SWIMS staff if you have any questions on this new interface or this user interface transition.

The following resources provide help for users of the Surface Water Integrated Monitoring System (SWIMS).

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New SWIMS Interface User Guide

The NEW Swims Interface User Guide is a complete guide that can be used by a variety of SWIMS users (from DNR staff to the general volunteer). The ability to enter, edit, and delete data or see various areas of the SWIMS interface are dependent on the assigned user roles.

  • Note: It is recommended that you do not print this user guide. Updates may be made as modules are enhanced or altered for clarity.

Quick info

Fieldwork - enter data

Fieldwork - download data

Lab slips



Continuous meters



Invasive species

Data managers

Surface Water Data Viewer