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Management and Business

Governor Earl Peshtigo River State Forest

Annual Property Implementation Plans

Implementation plans are posted every year in March and contain:

  • major planned and scheduled forest and habitat management treatments;
  • recreation and infrastructure development projects; and
  • other property management actions.

Planning documents

Master plan

Completed in 2007, the master plan reflects years of planning and public input. The final plan, maps, variances and amendments are included in the plan, as well as documents used during the plan's development.

Public involvement

Public involvement in state forest management, operations and monitoring is part of sustainable forestry. We seek public involvement because we believe people, communities, organizations and businesses realize the potential public benefits of state forests and are willing to work to further the goals of sustainable forestry.

Timber sale program

The state forests are managed sustainably for multiple uses. Active timber management is a part of that overall effort on many parts of each forest. Timber sales are advertised for sale typically from one to three times annually, depending on the size of the forest. Learn more about timber sales in Wisconsin.

Firewood permits

Firewood permits are for sale to the public. If you would like to purchase one, please print the firewood permit form [PDF], sign and return it to the office with payment ($10/cord) and information on the area you would like to cut. See our firewood cutting map [PDF] for areas on the state forest where you can cut. Permit is not valid until signed by the property manager and a permit number is issued. For more information, please contact the office.