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Learn about how sustainable business practices can increase your bottom line, reduce your impact on the environment, and open up opportunities for your business. The resources below can help you get started.

Getting started

Small Business Trends released an article geared specifically towards small businesses on how they can follow in the footsteps of big businesses in sustainability. The article provides tips on how to get started on enhancing your company's sustainability and expanding your bottom line. Check out the article here.

Use sustainability to save money and give your business a competitive edge

Each year more and more consumers are purchasing green products, even seeking out industries and businesses which partake in sustainable actions. Each year, more and more businesses are finding out that implementing sustainable practices into their establishment not only gives their business a competitive edge, but also expands their bottom line. EPA's Smart Steps to Sustainability 2.0 can help you get started.

Free programs available as sustainability resources

  • SmartWay® reduces transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency and to help reduce transportation costs and environmental impacts.
  • Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) works with you to help your business’ products become more sustainable.
  • WasteWise will help you to set goals and reduce waste as well as increase recycling practices.
  • WaterSense [exit DNR] provides product labels for water efficient products plus tips for saving water, information on water management planning and best management practices for businesses which can help you save water, energy and money.
  • Energy Star – No matter what type of business you operate, you can benefit from reduced energy costs. With free, unbiased information, tools, and technical support from ENERGY STAR's for small business and the ENERGY STAR Challange for Industry program, you can improve your small business’s financial performance by reducing energy waste and cost, while protecting the environmental. These programs include valuable resources including general and sector specific guidance and best management practices, energy assessment tools, and recognition programs.

For more tailored information on sustainability as it related to a specific industry, check out the industry page.

Additional resources


Financial resources

For more information on loans, grants and other programs designed to help small businesses, see the financial resources pages.