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Boilers and burning fuels

Boilers and other fuel combustion units have a range of environmental regulations that affect their operations. This section provides information on biofuels as well as other issues.

Environmental regulations


  • Wisconsin Small-Scale Biofuels Producer Program — There are a number of regulations that impact biofuels operations. To learn more about them, you can obtain assistance from a variety of state programs through the Small Scale Biofuels Producer Program.

Air regulations for boilers

Combustion Sources and Air Pollution Construction Permits (AM-427) — A fact sheet describing the air pollution construction permit program and how it affects combustion sources; including calculation examples, definitions and contacts for more assistance.

The EPA published rules aimed at limiting air toxic emissions from boilers.

Waste oil management/spill prevention and cleanup

In order to prevent fuel spills or clean up after a fuel spill, there are a number of regulations a business with a boiler should follow.

Water regulations

Facilities with boilers may need to address non-contact cooling water or condensate/boiler blowdown. The water program has a General Permit to Discharge under the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System for this.

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