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Metallic mining publications and regulations

State statutes and administrative codes

Several state statutes and administrative rules regulate metallic mining in this state. However, one very important provision of the statutes requires that mining activities also be regulated by other laws that more specifically address each particular activity that might occur in association with mining.

Consequently, for example, any wastewater discharge from a proposed mine would be regulated by the same laws and rules that regulate wastewater discharges from all other municipal and industrial operations. Air emissions from mines are regulated by the state's air pollution control statute and tailings disposal is regulated by the statute that covers all municipal and industrial solid waste disposal facilities. The same holds true for groundwater withdrawals, stream crossings and many other activities related to a mining operation.

Administrative Codes
State statutes
  • Chapter 293 - Metallic Mining
  • Chapter 001 - Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of the State
    • Refer to s. 1.11, Wis. Stats., to learn more about the Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act (WEPA), which guides public participation and disclosure requirements for project proposals. Included are guidelines for environmental impact statement preparation and related public hearings.