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Ferrous (iron) mining regulations and publications

State statutes and administrative codes

Unlike non-ferrous metallic mining, all ferrous (iron) mining activity in Wisconsin is regulated by the DNR under Ch. 295, subchapter III, Wis. Stats. The regulatory framework for this law was established in 2013 Wisconsin Act 1, effective March 26, 2013.

Ch. 295, subchapter III, Wis. Stats. does not give the DNR rulemaking authority, and includes specific provisions regarding wetlands, groundwater quality, mining waste characterization and disposal site design, impacts to navigable waters, water withdrawals and shoreland and floodplain zoning.

Although the iron mining law contains specific language regarding many site-specific environmental impacts, there are still other state statutes and administrative codes that may apply to specific aspects of a potential iron mining project.

State Statutes
Administrative Codes

Ferrous mining projects are extremely complex, and their regulation involves a host of administrative codes, including but not limited to those regarding wetlands and waterways, air pollution, waste and materials management, wildlife and fisheries and endangered and threatened species.