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Wisconsin Nonmetallic Mining Advisory Committee

The Nonmetallic Mining Advisory Committee plays a role in advising the DNR on administering the statewide nonmetallic mining reclamation program. Meetings must be scheduled at least annually. In general, the NMAC serves as a conduit for input from business groups and the public.

To ensure compliance with uniform, statewide reclamation standards, the law requires the DNR to conduct performance audits for each county and municipal program at least once every 10 years. If an audit reveals a compliance problem, the DNR must consult with the NMAC prior to taking significant action to correct the noncompliance.

The DNR and NMAC also consult in the preparation of a report addressing the balance between revenue (fees collected from mine permittees) and the administrative expenses incurred by county and municipal reclamation programs. This report must be submitted to the Natural Resources Board every five years. The aim is to ensure that a reasonable balance between revenue and expenses is maintained.

Meeting minutes

Current members

The NMAC has nine members appointed by the DNR secretary for three-year terms. The committee’s composition is specified in the administrative code. Members represent economic, scientific and cultural viewpoints related to nonmetallic mining and reclamation. They must include a representative from a business that extracts nonmetallic minerals, a representative from a business that uses nonmetallic minerals for road building and other purposes and a representative from an organization that administers county zoning ordinances.

Name & Email Representing Phone
Kyle Grahn Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce 920-398-1027
Adam Tegelman Aggregate Producers of Wisconsin 920-749-3360
Jay Zambito Scientific/Academic/Ecological Consulting 608-363-2223
Todd Lindblad Mineral Extraction - Wisconsin Industrial Sand Association 920-361-2388
Kevin Lein Program Administration - Wisconsin County Code Administrators 715-538-2311
Bryce Richardson Program Administration - Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association 608-269-8973
Anthony Tomashek Roadbuilders - Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association 608-779-6316
Clint Weninger Mineral Extraction/Roadbuilders - Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association 262-524-1258
Bruce Moore Environmental/Public Interest/Cultural 715-813-0664
Contact information
For more information on nonmetallic mining, contact:
Roberta Walls
DNR Office of Mining