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Groundwater section

Approximately two thirds of Wisconsin residents get their water supply from groundwater. Adequate supplies of uncontaminated groundwater are crucial not only to the health of our families but also for the continued growth of agricultural production and cutting-edge industries in Wisconsin. We are continually confronted with new challenges in securing water of sufficient quality and quantity.

A number of state and federal agencies and several DNR programs address groundwater in various ways. The DNR’s Groundwater Section in the Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater has a central role. The Groundwater Section is specifically responsible for:

  • Protecting groundwater quality and quantity through outreach and partnerships with local governments, businesses and interested groups.
  • Monitoring, displaying and ensuring access to data on the quantity and quality of groundwater in Wisconsin.
  • Maximizing effectiveness and avoiding duplication of state investments through coordination.
  • Maintaining expertise in specialized applications of hydrogeology to provide training and technical assistance to other programs, agencies and partners.
Working to protect and preserve the purity and quantity of Wisconsin’s groundwater resources for today and future generations.

Groundwater work includes