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Learn about Wisconsin Forests

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources works to protect and sustainably manage Wisconsin's forest ecosystems to supply a wide range of ecological, economic and social benefits. Learn more about the 17 million acres of forests in Wisconsin, the many benefits of sustainable forest management and programs showcasing this valuable natural resource.

Wisconsin's Champion Tree Program

Learn more about the largest trees in Wisconsin and how you can add to the list (program currently on hold).

Forestry Publications

Browse all Division of Forestry publications and learn how to order printed copies.

Forestry Videos

View a variety of public service announcements, training videos and webcasts.

Forestry News

News for everyone who enjoys and cares about Wisconsin forests.

Trillion Trees Pledge

Learn more about Wisconsin’s pledge to plant 75 million trees and conserve 125,000 acres of forestland by 2030.

Forestry Educational Resources

Educational resources and activities that help you appreciate our 17 million acres of forests and urban trees.

Forestry Newsletters

Subscribe to newsletters produced for the public by the Division of Forestry.

Every Root an Anchor

Read R. Bruce Allison's book about Wisconsin's most significant, unusual and historic trees.
Every Root an Anchor