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Forestry Newsletters

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry produces the following newsletters for the public.

Newsletters and email lists

Some of these newsletters are also available as email updates. To stay in touch with what's going on in the division, subscribe to one or more of these email lists below.

  • Division of Forestry news - Highlighting programs and activities of Wisconsin DNR-Division of Forestry.
  • Private forestry news - Latest news and information for Wisconsin woodland owners regarding the Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law programs and private forest management.
  • Reforestation news - Get tips and technical updates for successful tree planting.
  • Wildland fire news - Updates related to wildfire and prescribed fire management.
  • Forest health news - The latest in insect and disease activity in Wisconsin’s forests.
  • Urban forestry news - Updates for community officials and staff, professionals, businesses, volunteers and citizens interested in urban forestry.
  • Forest products news - Items of interest to the timber-producing and wood-using industries of Wisconsin.


The DNR uses GovDelivery to distribute information to help the agency more efficiently manage digital communications and offer more subscription options to customers.

View all subscription options currently available from the DNR (on your first time you will be asked to enter your email address). If you are already subscribed to any of the flagged newsletters listed above, you do not need to subscribe again.