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Northern fisheries

Fishing Wisconsin

Northern Region Map

Northern Wisconsin contains over 15,000 lakes. There are eighteen counties in the northern region and these lakes have a variety of fisheries. Northern lakes contain everything from bass to panfish, walleye to northern pike and Wisconsin's state fish, the musky.

Northern Wisconsin fisheries surveys and reports

A beautiful area of northern Wisconsin, the rugged Turtle-Flambeau Flowage, will not fall victim to fragmented development along its shores. The scenic beauty and wild character will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.


State fish hatchery tours

It's not too early to start planning for a vacation. Keep the state fish hatcheries in mind when planning your vacation route. The hatcheries offer great opportunities to see fish as well as view exhibits that trace the life cycles of the fish reared at those facilities. You can also learn about techniques fisheries managers use to ensure the future of Wisconsin's fishing tradition.

In either case, all state hatcheries offer chances to watch fish. Hatchery fish need special care and diets to stay healthy. For that reason, we ask parents to please remind their children to keep food, fingers, rocks, sticks and other objects out of the water. Most hatchery tours will end Labor Day weekend. Call ahead to the local DNR office you plan on touring to check schedules. Also if you would like current stocking information, visit our fish stocking webpage.

Visit our northern Wisconsin hatchery and rearing stations page for information on tour schedules. It is best to call the hatchery to check on tours before arriving. Tour schedules may change before spring. Also, check out information on Free fishing weekend events including events at our state hatcheries the first weekend in June.