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Root River Report

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Root river station


This page contains the latest fishing information for the Root River and the DNR's Root River Steelhead Facility in Racine County. Check back for updates on the number of fish processed at the facility, eggs collected and future processing dates. Please note that fish are typically processed on Mondays and Thursdays depending on water conditions and the number of fish in the weir. 

Updates are posted at 4 p.m. every Tuesday or Wednesday from September through December, and from March through May. 

For the latest fishing information on Lake Michigan and the Bay of Green Bay, check out the Lake Michigan Outdoor Report

Root River Steelhead Facility

Lake Michigan trout and salmon are unable to successfully reproduce in Wisconsin streams. As a result, DNR fisheries crews collect eggs and milt from spawning fish to create the next generation of steelhead to challenge anglers.

Learn More: Steelhead Spawning at Root River Steelhead Facility.

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Root River Fishing Report For April 24, 2022

The Root River experienced a decrease in angling activity this week, particularly at the end of the week when the river was hit with heavy amounts of rain, which caused water levels to rise dramatically. The surge of water also reduced water clarity to zero and increased water flow. The anglers that were out continued to target steelhead as we get closer to May. Most anglers are still being seen using fly fishing tackle with various baits. Despite tough fishing conditions at the end of the week, some steelhead were still caught. Anglers reported catching their fish primarily on flies, but some were caught with beads and yarn. Hopefully, water levels will drop before the steelhead run ends so that fishing improves. By the end of the week, the water temperature near the steelhead facility was 56 degrees.

Root River Steelhead Facility Report

Root river fish display

Our sixth and final steelhead spawning day at the Root River Steelhead Facility was Monday, April 25, 2022. The river level rose significantly from last week due to substantial rains, and the water temperature in the facility rose to 56 degrees. This was our final day of processing for the spring. The following are the cumulative numbers of fish handled this season:

TOTALS AS OF April 25, 2022
  Rainbow Trout Chinook Salmon Coho Salmon Brown Trout
Total Captured 1,638     1
Passed Upstream 1,409     1
Spawned at Facility 1,377