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Fall shore fishing close to home - Milwaukee

Fishing Wisconsin

The fish are running...are you? With 50 places to fish within 60 minutes of Milwaukee, it's time to get started!

50 places within 60 minutes of Milwaukee

Interested in a new spot to fish? Look no further!

Download and print [PDF] this pocket-size brochure complete with fishing locations, directions, distance and driving time from downtown Milwaukee and the dominant fish species. 

Brochure thumbnail  Milwaukee fall fishing brochure [PDF 431KB]


Spawning Times

What might you catch?

Not sure what gear to use?

Get equipped by reeling in this gear before you go:

  • Rod: 8 to 11 feet long, medium to heavy action.
  • Reel: Medium-sized spinning reel with a good drag system.
  • Line: 8- to 10-pound monofilament.
  • Lure and tackle: Heavy-duty, ball-bearing snap swivels for use with spoons like krocodiles,
    cleos, castmasters and daredevils will work great off piers and breakwalls.
  • For bait fishing: Small hooks in sizes 4 to 6 with slip bobbers, split shot, three-way
    swivels and bell sinkers for use with spawn, minnows and wax worms.
  • Miscellaneous gear: Long-handled landing net for fish up to 20 pounds, heavy-duty stringer,
    needle-nose pliers, extra spools of line, garbage bags, and warm clothes (weather conditions can change quickly on Lake Michigan)

What you need - Licenses and regulations

Fishing licenses can be purchased online or at DNR service centers or at license agents.

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