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Lake Michigan Outdoor Fishing Report - July 26, 2021

Fishing Wisconsin

Chinook from Algoma
A 35-pound, 10-ounce Chinook caught out of Algoma on July 19.”

In general, fishing reports will be updated once per week, usually on Tuesdays. This may change based on the availability of reports and the work schedules of field staff.

Fishing report information comes from our creel survey clerks, who work in the lakeshore areas from March through October, and in the tributary rivers seasonally in spring and fall. Creel clerk schedules are random and vary in the days and times they are scheduled to be in a specific location, which allows us to generate statistically valid fishing effort and harvest information.

Information for these reports is only based on days and times of the week that creel clerks are present. Additional fishing information can be found by contacting local bait shops, charter captains, marinas, etc.

REMINDER - Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and the WI/MI, WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters.

July 26, 2021: Green Bay Fishing Report

Fox River & Metro Boat Launch

  • Success on walleye was reported by boaters at the Metro Boat Launch. Anglers reported having success using artificial baits, flicker minnows, and crawler harnesses in waters that were 9-14 feet deep. 

Green Bay

East Shoreline Of Green Bay: 

  • Sawyer Harbor:  Boat anglers have reported catching smallmouth bass, and round gobies. The smallmouth bass were caught using tube jigs, and the round gobies were caught on both tube jigs and crawler harnesses. The water temperatures were reported to be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Little Sturgeon Bay: Boat anglers have reported catching walleyes, north pike, sheepshead, white perch, and round gobies using nightcrawlers and smallmouth bass and sheepshead on minnows.
  • Chaudoir’s Dock:  Boat anglers who launched from Chaudoir’s Dock reported having luck catching walleyes, suckers, white perch, and sheepshead on nightcrawlers. Anglers reported water temperatures around 76 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bayshore Park: Boat anglers from Bayshore park reported catching yellow perch, walleyes, catfish, rock bass, white bass, white perch, sheepshead, and round gobies. The anglers were mostly using crawler harnesses and minnows, although the anglers using crankbaits, spoons, and spinners also had success. Purple and other bright colors seemed to be effective colors for the artificial lures. The water temperatures were reported to be around 74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

West Shoreline Of Green Bay:

  • Suamico Boat Launch was at its busiest this Sunday with a high mix of anglers and recreational boaters. Success on walleye were reported by boaters. Anglers found success using crawler harnesses, crank baits, and shiver minnows in water depths of 25-30 feet. Boaters and shore anglers reported success on yellow perch as well using night crawlers and minnows. One boater reported catching a 35 inch musky on Sunday the 25th. Another boater also reported having two musky follows. 
  • Boaters reported success on walleye, yellow perch, channel catfish, and white perch at Geano Beach Boat Launch. Anglers found most success in waters ranging in depths of 25-30 feet using crawler harnesses, crank baits. and spinner baits. Boaters also found some success on yellow perch with minnows in shallower waters.
  • A lot of kayakers and small boat anglers were seen over the weekend using the Duck Creek Boat Launches. 
  • Success on walleye was reported by boaters at Metro Boat Launch. They found success using crank baits in waters that were about 10 feet deep. The average size walleye reported was 16 inches. 
  • At Perkofski and Fox Point Boat Launches a lot of the boating reported was for recreation as opposed to fishing. One boater reported catching and releasing 50 smallmouth bass at Perkofski boat launch using artificial crawfish and minnows.

Marinette County

  • Most fishing activity was seen on the Peshtigo River this week with perch fishing being popular.  Fishing was a little tougher this week but good catches were still being reported.  Best action was from some of the deeper channel areas next to weeds.  The shallow back areas of the river were producing mostly small perch and sunfish.  Some perch were also being caught in the bay along the shoreline from Little River north to Red Arrow.  Anglers fishing the bay out of the Menominee River boat launches reported catching sheepshead while targeting trout, salmon, and walleyes.

Oconto County

  • Angler activity was high this week with most seeing good fishing for both walleye and perch.  Areas off Oconto Park II south to the Pensaukee Schoal were producing good catches of walleyes for anglers trolling crawler harnesses and casting shiver minnows.  Most of the best action was found in waters 20 to 30 feet deep with shallow weedy areas being second best.  Perch action remains good with best catches coming from weeds in 8 to 12 feet of water.  Minnows and crawlers were both working well.  Many other species were reported being caught as well by perch and walleye anglers such as sheepshead, catfish, and northern 

July 26, 2021: Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report

Kenosha County

  • Kenosha Piers and Shoreline:  The piers and shorelines in Kenosha had a very slow week due to Salmon-a-Rama ending and inclement weather.  Only a small handful of anglers were seen fishing along the walls of the harbor throughout the beginning and middle of the week.  Anglers were targeting either perch or any salmon or trout species they could catch.  Anglers were seen throwing spoons or trying to catch alewives to use as bait.  Unfortunately, the fish were uncooperative, and no catches were recorded in the creel.
  • Kenosha Ramp: The ramp in Kenosha went mostly unused throughout the beginning and middle of the week.  Rough conditions on the lake caused most fishing boats to stay off the lake.  The few fishing boats that went out fished a variety of depths and used a combination of different baits.  Unfortunately, fishing has been very tough lately.  No catches were recorded during survey times.  

Racine County

  • Racine Piers and Shoreline:  The piers and shorelines in Racine experienced a decrease in angling activity over the last week as Salmon-a-Rama came to an end.  A small handful of anglers were seen fishing on and around the south pier.  Most of those out fishing were targeting perch.  Perch anglers were seen fishing with minnows and a bobber or throwing artificial baits.  Unfortunately, due to the decrease in angling activity, fishing success was limited.  A small handful of perch were caught using live bait.  
  • Racine Ramp:  The ramp in Racine had a very slow week.  Not many boat trailers were seen due to poor wind directions and wavy conditions throughout the beginning and middle of the week.  Despite unfavorable fishing conditions, a few boats still got out onto the water to fish.  The boats that did go out and fish had limited success.  One lake trout and two chinook were caught between 90 and 180 feet of water.  The fish were caught on a combination of flies and spoons.

Milwaukee County

  • Southern Milwaukee County:  Bender Park was lightly active this past week with fishing boats, however boat anglers had difficulty coming back with a catch. Water temperature was reported at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. South Shore ramp was lightly active and did not have much luck either. At Oak Creek Power Plant, one angler reported catching a coho using a spoon. There was light fishing activity at South Metro Pier, but no luck during survey times.
  • Northern Milwaukee County:  Boat anglers at the McKinley ramp were bringing back small hauls of coho, chinook, lake trout, and rainbow trout. Anglers were using spoons, flasher flies, dodger flies, and J-plugs at anywhere between 100 to 200 feet of water. Water temperature near shore was about 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Anglers on McKinley pier reported catching perch using minnows, and brown trout using spoons and rubber worms. At the Summerfest lagoon, anglers reported catching smallmouth and largemouth bass using a leech fly or spinners, and a sheepshead using a crank bait. Popular colors were blue and chartreuse. Shoreline fishing under the Hoan and near South Shore was light, and no fish reported during survey times.   

Ozaukee County

  • Port Washington:  The early week coolness and haziness transitioned to a windier, sunnier, warmer weekend.  Saturday and Sunday the winds had transitioned from an easterly direction to westerly.  Boating anglers caught few fish at the beginning of the week, but bag sizes increased over the weekend.  Catches consisted mostly of cohos and lake trout, followed by some rainbows and few chinooks.  Salmon and trout were caught throughout the day at various depths.  Additionally, anglers fishing along the piers and at the outflow caught some chinooks, carp, and panfish.  The majority of the water column remains warm at around 60°F, but is cooling.

Sheboygan County

  • Sheboygan:  Earlier in the week, temperatures were cooler and wind came mostly from an easterly direction.  By the weekend, it had shifted to warmer, sunnier days with a westerly wind. Anglers fishing before the wind shifted primarily caught chinook and a few lake trout, with scattered rainbows and coho.  By the end of the week coolers had more rainbows and coho, but less chinook.  Fish were primarily caught past 100 ft of depth, to the north of the city, and before noon.  The majority of the water column remains warm at around 60°F, but is cooling.

July 26, 2021: Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report

Manitowoc County

  • Two Rivers:  Two Rivers ramps had moderate pressure overall this week however no successful boat anglers were interviewed this week. Anglers reported seeing fish on their sonar, however bait marked ranged from very little to none depending on angling group. Water temperatures this week ranged from 59 to 73 degrees depending on location and depth. Water conditions ranged from calm to rough and wavy conditions where few boat anglers were fishing. At Two Rivers piers many anglers reported catching bullheads using worms. In Two Rivers harbor anglers also reported catching some bullhead using worms. Additionally, one angler reported catching one northern pike using a green metal minnow with a spinner on the end. No bait was seen this week by anglers in the harbor. An angler this week reported that vegetation in some areas is creating difficulties for fishing.
  • Manitowoc:  Manitowoc ramp had the most fishing pressure this week with a few groups catching some chinook salmon and lake trout. Chinook salmon caught this week ranged from 1.3 lbs. to 10.6 lbs. and one lake trout weighed 6.2 lbs. Successful anglers used spoons as well as flasher flies. The most common color this week was green while one group had success using a moonshine spoon. Fish were biting anywhere from 30 to 100 ft in 90 ft+ of water. Water conditions ranged from calm to rough and wavy conditions where no boat anglers were recorded fishing. Temperatures ranged from 67 degrees to 73 degrees depending on location and depth. Anglers reported seeing fish on sonar, but not in extremely noticeable numbers. An angling group fishing both in the Manitowoc River and in Lake Michigan near the piers reported catching several smallmouth bass using tube jigs. The Manitowoc River was reported as being milky in color and had a strong current. At the Manitowoc Harbor an angler reported catching 5 small walleye using worms.

Kewaunee County

  • Algoma:  Surface water temperatures reported this week were 68°F to 70°F. The anglers that were interviewed were catching rainbow trout and chinook salmon in about 120ft of water. One of the rainbow trout that was caught weighed 11 pounds and measured 31.2 inches that fish was caught with a dipsy diver set up. One of the chinook salmon caught weighed 11 pounds and measured 31.7 inches, that fish was caught on a flasher fly. The fishermen were using flasher flies and spoons in a variety of colors.
  • Kewaunee:  Surface temperatures reported this week was 68 to 69°F. Fishermen interviewed were catching rainbow trout and chinook salmon down to 170ft of water. Anglers were using dipsy divers and flasher flies.
     Anglers had to drop baits deeper in the water column last week to find the cooler water, and fish. More incredible giants were caught, including a 35-pound, 10-ounce Chinook salmon caught on an Algoma charter boat and what's thought to be the largest on certified scales in Wisconsin in two decades July 22, a 38.58-pounder caught on a small boat charter, also out of Algoma. No small fry, a 35.65-pounder taken off Baileys Harbor was in first place of the 39th annual Kewaunee/Door County Salmon Tournament opening weekend. The event wraps up July 31.  Glow spoons, silver-based spoons with splashes of color, flasher/fly combos and plugs have all been used to take "top 10" fish, and most anglers are reporting that they're finding them 60-100 feet down in 100 to 150 feet of water.  A 20-pound rainbow trout was also caught opening weekend of the tournament. Most of the "steelhead" are running 3 to 10 pounds and are being caught on spoons and flies run 15 to 55 feet down or more over 100 to 300 feet of water.

Door County Sturgeon Bay

  • Low to moderate wind all week kept the wave action fairly low around Door County. Water visibility in southern Door County was low, and northern locations ranged, with an average of about 10 feet. Thick aquatic vegetation beds are growing in shallow waters and around marinas. Remember to clean your boat and trailer of all aquatic life and plants prior to driving away to limit the spread of invasive species.

Sturgeon Bay

  • The Door county and Kewaunee salmon fishing derby started this weekend which caused high fishing pressure. The anglers that were interviewed caught rainbow trout, chinook salmon, and lake trout. The anglers that were interviewed reported getting surface temperatures of 67 to 69°F. Anglers that were interviewed were using dodger flies, dipsy divers, flasher flies, and spoons. A variety of colors caught trout and salmon. Other anglers that were interviewed were catching perch, walleye, and smallmouth bass.  These fishermen reported getting water surface temperatures of 72 to 74°F.  Anglers that were interviewed catching walleyes were using leeches and Rapalas. The fishermen that were interviewed catching smallmouth bass were using leeches and nightcrawlers. The fishermen that were catching walleyes, smallmouth bass were catching those fish in 10-25ft. The anglers that were catching yellow perch were having success catching them with leeches and nightcrawlers in 10ft of water.
    Fishermen that were interviewed at Stone Quarry Park also still had very high fishing activity. Anglers caught rock bass, yellow perch, and smallmouth bass using nightcrawlers.

Northern Door County Lake Michigan Side

  • Anglers targeting smallmouth bass were fishing from Rowley’s Bay pier and in the Mink River. Both plastic paddle tails, tubes, and live bait were used. Anglers reported all bass caught to be under legal harvest size with a majority between 9 to 11 inches in length.
  • Yellow perch were caught in the Mink River and from Rowley's Bay pier in the weed beds. Perch were primarily hitting on live nightcrawlers and some plastic worms set to hover about 3 to 5 feet from the bottom. Perch being harvested ranged between 7.9 to 9.5 inches in length.
  • No creel data regarding trout of salmon was taken this week. However, fishing charters were very active with most catching their limit.

Northern Door County Green Bay Side

  • Smallmouth bass were reported from Murphy Park pier, Weborg’s Point in Peninsula State park, and from Ephraim's shore. Anderson's pier in Ephraim saw the most bass action this week with most anglers catching them on live nightcrawlers. Soft plastic tube jigs set up to imitate a crawfish also received plenty of action in Green Bay waters.
  • Low panfish activity was noted this week. A few anglers using live worms and bobbers in Egg Harbor marina caught a few small rock bass. No yellow perch were caught but a few were sighted hiding in the weeds. A northern pike was caught in Fish Creek harbor. The fish hit on a large, rust colored jerk bait near the shoreline