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Lake Michigan Outdoor Fishing Report - Nov. 13, 2023

Fishing Wisconsin

Generally, fishing reports will be updated weekly on Tuesdays. This may change based on the availability of reports and the field staff's work schedules.

Unless otherwise indicated, this fishing report information comes from our Creel survey clerks who work in the lakeshore areas from March through October and in the tributary rivers seasonally in spring and fall. Creel clerk schedules are random and vary in the days and times scheduled to be in a specific location. This allows us to generate statistically valid fishing efforts and harvest information.

Information for these reports is based on the days and times of the week that creel clerks are present. You can obtain additional fishing information by contacting local bait shops, charter captains, guides, marinas, etc.

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REMINDER - Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and the Wisconsin/Michigan, Wisconsin/Minnesota and Wisconsin/Iowa boundary waters.

Nov. 13, 2023: Green Bay West Shore Fishing Report

Brown County

  • Duck Creek: There was a limited amount of activity on Duck Creek this week. A few trailers were observed, but no interviews were conducted.
  • Fox River Boating Anglers: Moderate to heavy fishing activity was observed this week. Most interviewed anglers were targeting walleye. Walleye anglers struggled to find active walleyes this week as most interviewed angling parties did not catch any walleyes or only caught one. One musky angler was interviewed and caught one musky successfully. One boat was targeting lake whitefish along with walleye. A few channel catfish were also reported to have been caught by boating anglers. Most boating anglers are fishing in the river or near the mouth of the river.
  • Fox River Shore Anglers: Moderate fishing activity was observed this week. Most shore anglers were targeting walleyes, with most not reporting any catches this week. Crank baits were the most effective bait to catch the few walleyes. Musky anglers were unable to catch any muskies but did report catching a handful of northern pike.
  • Suamico River: Limited to moderate activity was observed this week. All but one of the interviewed boating parties were waterfowl hunting. The one angling party that was interviewed was targeting yellow perch and ended up harvesting 21 yellow perch. Two shore anglers were targeting yellow perch. 

Oconto County

  • Geano Beach: No anglers were interviewed at this location this week. All boaters that were observed were duck hunters. No water temperature was reported this week.
  • A few perch anglers were out this week along popular shore spots. The best fishing was at Oconto Park 2. Lots of perch were being caught, but anglers were sorting through many smaller-sized fish to find keepers. Minnows were working best. Duck hunters were heavily using area launches.  

Marinette County

  • Most launches that had activity were from duck hunters. Peshtigo River and Red Arrow have been popular spots for ducks. Fishing pressure was mainly concentrated below Hattie Street dam. A few brown trout and steelhead were being caught during the day, but the best fishing took place off the bridge at night. Whitefish and walleye were being caught in good numbers by anglers from sunset into the night. The water temperatures in the tributaries were between 41-44 degrees Fahrenheit over the weekend.