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Public notices

Official DNR public notice of water permits are located here, as sent to official newspapers. Public notices are required by law to alert interested members of the public of the DNR’s intention to authorize a discharge to a water of the state. The notices are put in the legal notices section of the local newspaper in the vicinity of the facility. The notice identifies the facility by name, indicates where the discharge is located and briefly describes the facility’s activities. Permits are not considered final and issued until they have been signed and dated by appropriate DNR staff. Please contact the permit drafter directly to obtain a copy of a final (issued) permit.

A public notice appears in the newspaper once to alert the public of DNR’s intended action on the application and explains how to get more information or comment on the proposed action. A member of the public may submit written comments or request that the Department hold a public informational hearing. For comments or requests to be timely, they must be submitted within 30 days from the date of public notice.

Livestock operations

Public notices of substantial revisions to a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) are only required to go through a 14 day public notice period. The notices of substantial revisions to a CAFO NMP are not required to be posted in the newspaper; however, these notices are posted here. Public comments and hearing requests for substantial revisions to a CAFO NMP must be received during the 14 day public notice period.

Public notices in the review process

Notices for permits issued to the DNR
All public notices

View public notices (PDF) in our review process by applicant name, application number or by county: