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Instructional videos

Get started on your water permit application

These videos walk you through various features of our e-permitting process and answer common questions.


Before you begin

Create a WAMS ID [YouTube Video 00:43]

WAMS, Wisconsin’s Web Access Management System, is used by many State of Wisconsin web applications for safe and secure online transactions. The DNR’s e-permitting system requires a WAMS ID to create and submit an online water permit application. You do not need a WAMS ID to track the status of an application or view a public notice.

Complete the process

Step 1: Getting to a permit application [YouTube Video 02:01]

The process of completing an electronic permit application and options to access it.

Step 2: Completing a permit application for submission [YouTube Video 03:46]

How to finish completing a permit application for electronic submission to the DNR and features that help guide you through the process.

Step 3: Adding attachments to the permit application [YouTube Video 01:19]

After completing the application, choose the attachments button to add the required attachments. Also covers how to add and delete additional attachments.


Search and track an application [YouTube Video 02:46]
Search and track the status of a submitted water permit application. View active, pending and determined permit applications.
View a public notice [YouTube Video 01:34]
View, search and filter public notices for pending applications.