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Nonresident ATV and UTV trail passes

When bringing an ATV or UTV into Wisconsin from their home state, a nonresident can operate their ATV or UTV on designated ATV/UTV corridors and frozen waterways with either a nonresident ATV/UTV trail pass affixed to the ATV/UTV or a valid nonresident 5-day trail use receipt, which should be in possession of the operator. Nonresidents who keep their ATV or UTV in Wisconsin must register their ATV or UTV in Wisconsin.

Annual trail pass

fee: $35; expires March 31 of each year

A nonresident can operate an ATV or UTV in Wisconsin with an annual nonresident ATV/UTV trail pass issued by the Wisconsin DNR which needs to be clearly displayed in a location forward of the operator.

5-day nonresident trail use receipt

fee: $20; issued for five consecutive days

The operator must carry the 5-day nonresident trail use receipt that is received at the time of order; no decal is issued.

Nonresident annual trail pass

Nonresident annual trail passes may be ordered online on your personal electronic device or over the counter at any sales location.

  • A nonresident trail pass is required to operate an ATV or UTV not currently registered in Wisconsin on an ATV or UTV trail.
  • The pass costs $35.00.
  • The pass expires on March 31 of each year.
  • An ATV or UTV operated on frozen waters needs to display a valid Wisconsin public use ATV/UTV registration or a nonresident ATV/UTV trail pass.
  • The trail pass must be affixed by its own adhesive in a highly visible location on the forward half of the ATV or UTV.
  • Once affixed, the sticker may not be removed or transferred to another ATV or UTV.
  • A temporary operating receipt (printed on plain white paper) will be issued upon order of an annual ATV/UTV trail pass and allows you to operate immediately. Regardless how you place your order, the physical trail pass decal will arrive in the mail in approximately two weeks.

Nonresident 5-day ATV or UTV trail use receipt

A nonresident 5-day trail use receipt can be purchased online or at any sales location. The 5-day ATV/UTV trail use receipt must be carried by the operator at all times. Customers who order online can print their receipts at home or visit one of our Go Wild sales agents and receive one at the time of purchase. There is no decal or sticker that is mailed when purchasing the 5-day ATV or UTV trail use receipt.