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Contact: Andrea Diss-Torrance, DNR Forest Pest and Disease Specialist or 608-516-2223

Protect Wisconsin’s Forests And Trees By Not Moving Firewood

The firewood shed at Potawatomi State Park, full of bundles of firewood for campers to purchase. All staffed state park and forest campgrounds have firewood available for sale, making it easy for campers to purchase local firewood. Photo credit: Wisconsin DNR/Bill McNee

MADISON, Wis. – Ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) urges the public to protect Wisconsin’s forests and trees by not transporting firewood long distances.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and campfires are a Wisconsin summer staple. Even after a tree has died, firewood can carry pests or diseases, which can attack or infect other trees. To help prevent the spread of invasive species, get your firewood near where you will use it.

Firewood from a different location can bring harmful tree problems to your backyard, street or favorite campsite. Just one firewood log can easily hide insects such as emerald ash borer, spongy moth or the tiny spores of a tree-killing fungal disease such as oak wilt. By using local firewood, you avoid moving pests to new places.

“Buying local firewood is one way everyone can do their part to protect Wisconsin’s forests. Remember to Buy It Where You Burn It, and don’t move firewood,” said Andrea Diss-Torrance, DNR Forest Pest and Disease Specialist.

To prevent the spread of emerald ash borer and other invasive insects and diseases to Wisconsin state parks and other properties, visitors are prohibited from bringing firewood from locations further than 10 miles away from the property. Treated, pest-free wood from state-certified vendors is exempted from this regulation.

However, all staffed state park and forest campgrounds have firewood available for sale. Hours of firewood sales vary by property. Check the DNR webpage for each campground for details.

If you do not know where to get local firewood, check Firewood Scout for a list of vendors near your home, cabin or camping destination. There is no fee, and firewood vendors may add themselves to the list for free.

For more information on the risks of moving firewood, visit the DNR’s firewood webpage.