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Proposed Emergency Administrative Rules

This table lists proposed emergency administrative rules which are currently being developed by the DNR, or which have been adopted by the Natural Resources Board (NRB) and are pending publication. Once published, emergency rules are effective for 150 days. The DNR can request an extension to this timeframe from the Legislature.

  • The table is organized alphabetically by NRB order number. The first two letters are an abbreviation for the lead DNR bureau/program name. The middle number is a sequential number. The last number is the year. Hover your mouse over each NRB order number to see more information.
  • The DNR sometimes creates separate webpages as an additional resource for proposed rules of particular significance or interest. Where a separate page has been created, the text in the "Subject" column is linked to it.
  • The "Rules Status" column describes where the rule is in the rulemaking process and links to NRB meeting agendas, public hearings announcements or other documents for more information.
  • Public Hearing Appearance Slip


NRB Order Number Subject Affected Wis. Adm. Code Chapters Rule Status Expiration Date DNR Contact
FH-07-21(E) Fish harvest in Lake Superior NR 20, 25

Public hearing Aug. 30, 2021

  Meredith Penthorn
FH-29-20(E) Lake trout harvest and season in Lake Michigan NR 20

Public hearing Aug. 30, 2021

  Meredith Penthorn
FH-28-20(E) Lake Michigan whitefish management NR 20, 25

Public hearing June 21, 2021

  Meredith Penthorn
FH-17-20(E) Minocqua Chain walleye harvest regulations NR 20

Public hearing March 10, 2021

June 21, 2021 Meredith Penthorn
RR-11-17(E) Assessment and remediation of contaminated sediments, eligibility for the Voluntary Party Liability Exemption, and other subjects within the NR 700 rule series that require updates to stay current or revisions to maintain consistency NR 700-754, 756, 758

Public hearing Oct. 16, 2020

June 4, 2021 Molly Schmidt
WA-06-20(E) Regulating fire fighting foam that contains certain contaminants NR 159

Public hearing Jan. 15, 2021

Feb. 7, 2023 Kate Strom Hiorns
WM-01-21(E) Gray wolf harvest regulations NR 8, 10, 12, 19

NRB meeting for approval of Statement of Scope (June 2021)

  Scott Karel
WM-19-20(E) Establishing the 2021 migratory bird season framework and regulations NR 10

Public Hearing September 29, 2021

January 16, 2022 Scott Karel
WM-16-12(E) Coyote Hunting during the Firearm Deer Season NR 10 Effective Oct. 1, 2012 [exit DNR] The date on which the permanent rules take effect, as provided in 2011 Wisconsin Act 169, section 21 Scott Karel
WY-26-20(E) Third party administration of operator certification examinations NR 114, 146, 520, 524

Public Hearing October 12, 2021

  Steve Geis